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My tweets do not lie:

sweetparkalife saw Newson @ lbc pride, <3 his hair
about 11 hours ago from txt

sweetparkalife Shook hands with Newsom but couldnt help but stare @ his hair!
about 10 hours ago from txt

And [ profile] parlance, you'll LOL -- I did have to wash my hand eventually ;___;

But damn is Newsom a fine looking man. The Long Beach Pride parade couldn't have a more popular, easily identifiable figure to act as the Grand Marshall. He was dressed in a crisp white shirt and pressed trousers. Notice my preoccupation with his hair? As I told P and L, I noticed the hair first, then the man. And I suppose one round wasn't enough, Newsom was in the parade twice -- the second was on foot surrounding by his adoring fans supporters. I convinced L to get to the pavement with me to shake the man's hand and maybe snag a picture, but managed only the handshake whilst P snapped a shot of L posing near Newsom's back. Plus, a reminder of his new DILF status: after a shot with a supporter and her daughter, Newsom lingered a little while longer to smile adoringly at the baby and making cooing sounds.


*cough* Anyway, thanks to P I do have the insane catchphrase spoken by Newsom adopted by the Yes on 8 campaign to demonise marriage equality supporters stuck in my head (whether you like it or not). Ugh. But what really stirs the sceptic in me is Newsom's meteoric rise to political prominence, due to no small part the aggressive courting of the LGBT community. Some may claim it as a cynical move for the ultimate prize of the governorship, and I'm inclined to agree. After all his policies and results as mayor of San Francisco aren't particularly noteworthy down in SoCal. Newsom's sole claim for prominence throughout the state is for asking the SF city county clerk to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Which is great, but what have we heard about his economic policies and stances on the environment, immigration, and education?

OT: an earthquake just hit us as I finished typing that paragraph. Oh, California.

My first pride: success! Even without me going gaga over Newsom, it certainly was memorable. Saw plenty of beefcake, cute girls on bikes, a few things that made me raise an eyebrow, and spent the rest of the time hanging with cool people and great friends. I loved the sense of community, the fun and love devoid of outside pressure and stress, and wished I had gone to other prides sooner. Maybe San Diego and San Fran next, y/n?

Below are some of the moments I captured with the camera. More pictures uploaded to Flick here. Enjoy!



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