May. 8th, 2009

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A hot, busy day at work...

Supervisor: Sorry, I didn't see you were on the phone.

Me: It's okay, I'm done.

Supervisor: Your hair is dark, and the way you're holding the phone to your ear, I couldn't even tell if you're listening to me or were talking to someone on the phone. Hahah! I'm blaming your hair.

Me: ...

This may or may not be the reason why I dyed my hair this morning. Jerk. Anyway, I had today off (again) due to it being a slow week for business. I could bitch about the Friday furlough, but tbh I'm actually fine with it. My workload is so strenuous that I look forward to a three-day weekend, even if it means losing pay for a day. Of course this means I have to find even more ways to save money, and with this economy it doesn't have to be difficult.

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