Jul. 12th, 2009

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Thank you for the kind thoughts in the last post everyone. Mucho mucho appreciated :)

I'm feeling much better now, and even feeling a little embarrassed that I wrote so openly about my feelings. I'm actually quite reserved in some ways, a little 'stiff upper lip' when it comes to expressing something other than anger.

Ahem. Perpetua dug a gigantic hole in the stonewall garden and is currently fanning herself out in the sun without a care. My brother's actually too frightened to scare it off (he saw P nomming on my knee a while ago and freaked out) so it's up to me to get the bloody thing away from the garden. Wish me luck!

Meanwhile, have some mindblowing Dizzee Rascal tune. It starts off like any other club banger, infectious and suitable for all-ages, then at the very end it dissolves into a delicious, delirious trance track. It's this summer's monster hit:



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