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Under the cut: The Spirit, pervy Flash, Aquamans, The Barbies (including an adorable Catwoman and Batman), and Catgman.

Totally looks like the Flash is looking down at PG's boob window, heh.

The Spirit


Why does The Spirit have a crowbar and a manhole cover? No idea, mate.


Barbie DC figures (click for larger pics):

Aw, my OTP

Misc DC Characters:

Is that a mask near her feet?

WAIT, what's this about Green Lantern's left leg?

Hahah, Catgman.


Couldn't quite tell her I wanted her pic as evidence the new SG lives up to the nickname 'Super-Torso'

*whistles* That's my girl!

Sal was supposed to go as Dr Girlfriend, but couldn't find the cossie soon enough and came as Triana from the show instead

Always a treat to see Plastic Man, and even saw a female Plas walking the exhibit hall. This guy walked on stilts and had a camera crew following him.

Space Ghost, or maybe his evil twin Chad

Orange heels!

Pika pika!

Misc Signage:

D'oh. I forgot to get a copy of Hughes' Comic-Con '08 work.

Aaaaand that's it! :D

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