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Damnit, why's it so difficult to upload to LJ's Scrapbook? Because it just is, that's why.

As mentioned before, here's the first batch of the photos I took on the Valentine's Day trip to San Marino's Huntington Library:

Here's the Desert Garden

From the Japanese garden and the Chinese garden

Gah! Look how blown out the whites are. Yeesh.

The camera was in manual mode the entire time, and while I managed to get a few good shots, it took a lot of fiddling to do so. Later that day I kept having to switch back and forth and generally having no clue, which is why the shots I really wanted came out terrible and shaky :(

Next up, there's statues, more gardens, and the eighth picture I took of William Blake's bust. I know how sad that sounds, believe me.

PS Most of the images are on Flickr, too.
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