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2009-11-02 05:41 pm

Nano 2009: Day 2

Why Kiley, have you resorted to bullying Perpetua and procrastinating on your novel? But it's only Day 2!

Yeah, but in my defense: CHECK OUT MY AWESOME ASTRO BOY TOYS! )

No bunnies/rabbits were harmed in the making of this post. Darn!
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2009-06-28 11:22 pm
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Don't go out there, the old woman said. She pointed at the stretch of land surrounded by gnarled trees and permanently cast in shadow. You don't want what's waiting there.

I shook off her grip. Woman, I'll go where I bloody well want--

--wait, what was that? I turned around, saw naught but heard the retreating footsteps. The old woman's warning rang in my ears.

What was out there? )
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2009-06-25 11:40 pm
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Thanks for the kind thoughts everyone! To prove I don't brood about my problems all the time, here's something you might enjoy. Blog@Newsarama noted that comic shop Comicopia had a float in Boston's Pride Parade. I didn't see if an LCS did the same for WeHo Pride, but we did have a float with DC and Marvel characters:

Wonder Woman: check. American flag: check. Robin, specifically Tim!Robin: CHECK! Too bad the Catwoman costume was awful; it looked like a gimp mask with glued-on cat ears.

To do the picture justice, you gotta have Poker Face playing full-force. Once you have that winning combination you may have the same reaction I had as I watched the Silver Surfer, Wolverine, and Spidey gyrate precariously to Lady Gaga on the edges of the float: feeling so very damn proud to be living in the United States.

Anyway, enough with that malarkey. Guess what else I found randomly in my Windows Photo Gallery? Why it's me, age 17 16! Aargh, look at that baby fat. And beside me is Heidi MacDonald, whom I worshiped forever. If that name is familiar, it's because she's the writer for the comics blog The Beat. Here's a mystery for DC fans: who is that to the left of us ... is it Jann Jones?
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2009-05-17 10:40 pm
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Happy Pride!

My tweets do not lie:

sweetparkalife saw Newson @ lbc pride, <3 his hair
about 11 hours ago from txt

sweetparkalife Shook hands with Newsom but couldnt help but stare @ his hair!
about 10 hours ago from txt

And [ profile] parlance, you'll LOL -- I did have to wash my hand eventually ;___;

I can't believed I fangirled San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom in public )
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2009-04-02 09:35 pm

G20 Summit '09 (via [community profile] ontd_political)


Didn't that dick Berlusconi once say to his pal Medvedev that Obama was tanned? UGH.
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2009-03-11 01:19 am
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Flipper's pink! Actually, it's a rare albino dolphin (via The Guardian's The Week In Wildlife). Check out the rest of the gallery, there are tree kangaroos, monarch butterflies, and an adorable shot of a baby meerkat peeking at the camera.
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2009-02-16 05:15 pm
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The Huntington (1/2)

Damnit, why's it so difficult to upload to LJ's Scrapbook? Because it just is, that's why.

As mentioned before, here's the first batch of the photos I took on the Valentine's Day trip to San Marino's Huntington Library:

Large pics; not dialup safe! )

PS Most of the images are on Flickr, too.
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2008-08-10 03:25 pm
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SDCC: Mega Pic Post part 2

Under the cut: The Spirit, pervy Flash, Aquamans, The Barbies (including an adorable Catwoman and Batman), and Catgman.

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2008-08-10 01:21 pm
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SDCC: Mega pic post pt 1

Decided against Flickr in the end, as I never visit the site anymore.

Under the cut, we have: Batman, All Star Figurines, JSA, New Frontier, Misc groupings

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Next post: The Spirit, cosplayers, the Barbie DC figures, and more misc DC heroes
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2008-05-01 08:45 pm
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May Day 2008

I'm absolutely knackered with blisters and haven't eaten anything other than mini-wheat bagels all day. Would you believe I nearly missed the beginning of today's Full Rights For Immigrants rally? The weather was boiling, and I was happily eating an ice cream when the Rite Aid worker pointed out the time. A jaunt to a couple of blocks over at Olympic and Broadway (aka my favourite Downtown place for a falafel) later, I found the mass of marchers and quickly took photos.

The pictures from the May Day rally are here at Flickr.

BTW, some bad news: I didn't get that job after all :(