Jan. 4th, 2009

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Israeli troops have split the Gaza strip into two. The death total rises to 500. European diplomats hurry to negotiate for a ceasefire (via BBC).

There were protests yesterday and today in the Los Angeles area. I did not go, and I don't think I shall go to any of them. As much as I would like to march against the military offensive, I certainly do not want to do so with protesters who support Hamas or fail to recognise Israel's right to defend itself.

Unlike protesting Proposition 8, the Israel/Palestinian conflict does not allow me to select one position over another. It's complicated. If it weren't, would the battle still be raging in that region nearly 64 years later? Keep in mind there are many mitigating factors and bad decisions made by both sides, as well as the disastrous efforts by international players to intercede or exacerbate the situation. As a person who attempts to see the conflict from all angles, the only position I can take is this: You can support Palestinians without supporting Hamas or their government. Similarly, you can support the Israeli people without supporting the actions of their government.

Where are the protests for peace and dialogue?



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