Mar. 12th, 2009

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1) Watchmen's Rorschach as 'Objectivist Saint' (found via [ profile] ontd_political)

2) The best use of the Obamicon site yet )

3) Alan Moore celebrates

4) Question: I thought Nite Owl was based on Charlton Comics' Blue Beetle. How and when did the Batman comparisons creep in?
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The Orange County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously today to suspend a county contract with Planned Parenthood to provide health education for thousands of teens and preteens because the nonprofit organization offers abortions. (via LA Times)

None of the Orange County money is used to fund abortions, said Jon Dunn, CEO and President of Planned Parenthood for Orange and San Bernandino counties.

To the Board of Supervisors: Your personal views on abortion should have no bearing on whether a vital source of education and information on family planning and women's reproductive health should lose its funding.

FUCK. I fucking hate Orange County.



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