Jun. 28th, 2009

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From The Times Online:

The President of Honduras was ousted in a military coup today when troops arrested him in his pyjamas and sent him into exile in neighbouring Costa Rica.

The action against President Zelaya, the country’s most popular leader in recent history, raised fears of widespread violence, as supporters took to the streets, throwing rocks at army vehicles and shouting “Traitors! Traitors!”

The United States called for calm, with President Obama saying that “existing tensions and disputes must be resolved peacefully”. The European Union condemned the coup. The Organisation of American States called an emergency meeting at its Washington headquarters.

In a nutshell: President Zelaya, having extended reached the end of his term limit, sought to pass a referendum that would make a change to the country's constitution and allow him to stand for re-election. When Zelaya sacked the military chief opposing the referendum and refused to reinstate him, the military stepped in to remove the president from power.
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Don't go out there, the old woman said. She pointed at the stretch of land surrounded by gnarled trees and permanently cast in shadow. You don't want what's waiting there.

I shook off her grip. Woman, I'll go where I bloody well want--

--wait, what was that? I turned around, saw naught but heard the retreating footsteps. The old woman's warning rang in my ears.

What was out there? )



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