Jul. 10th, 2009

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According to the Hollywood Reporter (via i09.com) producers of the proposed Green Lantern live action film have narrowed their choice for Hal Jordan to three:

1) Ryan Reynolds

2) Bradley Cooper

3) Justin Timberlake

Such is the state of things that we can only find Deadpool, foppy failed sitcom actor, and a former boyband singer? Bloody hell, pick a RADA kid. I'm sure they wouldn't mind slumming in a superhero movie. Or better yet, an Aussie or a Kiwi. I know, picking someone other than an American to play Hal is a blasphemy but if Bradley Cooper and Justin Timberlake is the Stateside equivalent it's just not going to work.

My pick is Martin Henderson. Whuzzat? He was in The Ring and a spectacularly dumb movie called Torque. But it was in Bride and Prejudice that I saw the potential in his blandly good-looking, charming yet also charmless, and hopelessly full-of-himself portrayal of an American -- that's Hal right there. Henderson's a Kiwi btw.

He would make an awesome Hal. Who's with me?
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Much thanks to [livejournal.com profile] brilliantnova for breaking the news to me. I stay a little later on a Friday night and this is what happens.

Oh geez, so according to Variety and even Wired magazine, Ryan Reynolds is Green Lantern. Sorry Marvel peeps, but I don't want to have to share! The deal's always been we get to keep Christian Bale, and you can have RDJ. But who will get custody of Reynolds? Who's going to explain to the slashers kiddies that the heroic Hal Jordan is also the mind-damaged, Bea-loving, Cable-humping Deadpool? Won't someone please think of the slashers children?

All I knows is, Wade would probably be laughing at this sudden crossover and I dunno, maybe a teensy bit disappointed JT isn't playing him.



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