Aug. 10th, 2009

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I thought what I was going to do was take a class on Java for the fun of it. Then I started scrolling through the computer science programs offered by the community colleges, and there are certificates that could possibly mean career placement (network management, web programming etc). At this point of time I don't know if it's something I want to jump into, but it sounds like an interesting option. It also makes me wonder, in terms of job opportunities would it make more sense to go the Bachelor's route or through a vocational college providing a certificate instead? If anyone on the flist has any advice or stories, it'd be much appreciated!
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From the Guardian's Ethical Living Blog, a recent entry related the observation of few POC riders. Matt Seaton wonders what sort of barriers exist for the diversity in participation:

One might be that cycling, though not historically a middle-class sport, has a fairly high cost of entry in terms of equipment, which may have acted as a disincentive to relatively disadvantaged immigrant communities. But I think the answer lies in cultural conditioning more than economic circumstances: it's not just cycle sport, but cycling itself that is fairly white – cycling just doesn't have the grassroots appeal to non-white communities. There isn't even much research, seemingly, on this, although a recent Sport England report did find that black and ethnic minority participation in cycling as sport and recreation was only 6%, where in other activities it averages 9%.

But just look around you: even in ethnically diverse inner-city areas, I bet that the vast majority of cyclists you see will be white (and probably middle-class, too – but that's an issue for another day)

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Things got off to a rough start as I woke up late in the morning, and hurried off to the library with a sinking feeling in my stomach. Rather than hew to the original plan of going through community college courses, I got stuck in Craigslist and nearly cried in despair.

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