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And dearie me, I can't believe what I managed last year. It is unbelievably, laughably bad. I'm reading the first three chapters (ten more to go, whee!) and so far:

a) named the victim Jaime Reyes, after DC's new Blue Beetle (apparently this was the best I could come up with late at night)

b) dressed up one of the main characters as Denny Colt aka The Spirit, minus gloves and mask

c) stuffed in random reference to Clark Kent x5 (there's more I suspect)

d) overused 30s style slang (G-man, I kid you not)

e) named the killer after a long-ago classmate

Still, there are bright spots. I especially liked how consistent I made the language distinction between the city slickers and the islanders -- Perkins (islander) has the speech pattern of northern England accents, Mack (city) sounds middle-American with a bit of posh Brit slang thrown in. And it all makes me laugh, which is good right?

With a loud groan Blake drew himself up and belted out an extremely loud expletive. Then he took out the PDA again. Despatch was very unhappy at having to send along the APB for Shipper's Cove, the southern tip of the island, which was mostly uninhabited and controlled by the military. Blake was told it meant having to deal with the nutsos who would shoot first and talk later.

'Pussies,' he said, ending the call. 'What's a little tension with the military?'

Hehe. But crap, I can't think of what to write this year. I was thinking of restarting on what I had for Janowrimo because it was so much fun to write (here) but I'm afraid everything I touch turns to aaaangst. Kinda like what's happening with Sean McKeever and the Teen Titans. Zing! I better get moving though -- 25 days to go!
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