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Gah. Every time I see Noah Wyle in an ad for The Librarian, what pops to mind is 'where are the sexy librarian specs?'

Uh. Hi?

To sum up:

Internet connection back on, finally. On my list of things to do this weekend is writing a letter to the Better Business Bureau. Yeah, that bad.

Last Saturday's protest pictures should be uploaded some time this weekend as well. The ugliest thing I saw that day was a sign with a large black swastika. My guess is that the pro-prop 8 group included a Neo Nazi. Charming.

NaNo is killing me. My characters, who I now deeply resent, are killing me. Their crappy little adventure is killing me. So I rock in my chair, mumbling over and over: only 20,000 more words.

Please excuse me, I must drift off into sweet, merciful sleep. Tomorrow is more writing, more coffee, hopefully catching up with flist, and getting my hair done. Catch you all on the flipside...

Also: Obiden or Joebama? Sure Joebama rolls off the tongue, but Obiden just sounds so right.
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