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#44 A Fantastic Four film exists that is so terrible it will never reach a screen. In 1992 the production company Constantin Film was in danger of losing the film rights to the Fantastic Four unless it started production on the movie by the end of the year. Lacking the $40 million it needed to make a full-budget film, it turned to low-budget movie supremo Roger Corman for help. He spent just $1.98 million to crank a quickie Fantastic Four movie. Constantin never intended to release the film but it never told the director or the actors this. "Oh, that was a tragic event. I feel so sorry for the people involved," Stan Lee remembered years later. "The director really tried his best, and so did the actors. They all thought that this was their big chance. But the movie was never supposed to be seen. Most people thought, "Jesus, what a terrible job that is! How corny! How cheap!" They didn't realize that it wasn't meant to be any better than that. Unfortunately, the people working on the project didn't know that, and they tried their best. Really, I feel so bad for all of them." Other low-budget Marvel misfires include the 1989 Punisher film starring Dolph Lundgren and the 1990 Captain America film - starring no one you've ever heard of. (Times Online)

Dolph Lundren? *chokes*
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I have to wait until Saturday before I can get my hands on a physical copy, but can I say based on what's been posted to Scans Daily 2.0 that I'm disappointed. More angst! More Lex-induced angst! Damnit.

I don't know about you, but if I were a teenage boy who came back to life after years of stasis I would be out on the world getting it on. Eating through troughs of custard, surfing the greatest waves, macking on the chicks whilst partying in Ibiza. NOT hanging out in Smallville.

The saving grace in these Superboy-related scans is Francis Manapul's art, and how similar yet distinct Superboy and Superman look. Tell me that the blue eyes the two men share doesn't seem a little otherworldly and eerie in the dark.

Anyway, pick up a copy okay? I'd rather not have to deal with this book tanking and having to lose Kon again. And if he isn't your cuppa, won't you please think of Starman?

That's right, it's a Legion backup in every issue of Adventure Comics /glee

It's probably the ever-present slash goggles, but this issue totally looks like Kon wants to get his two daddies together.
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LA Peeps: anyone interested in coming along tonight? It's $15, advance registration required, and $5 benefits CBLDF.

Digital LA
Thursday, July 9, 2009, 7-10p
Digital Comics Panel
Meltdown Comics, 7522 W Sunset
We're going to get into the comics spirit in LA with a pre-San Diego Comic-Con panel on digital comics and online comics communities. Join us for our casual discussion:
- How to reach core fans to promote comic-related properties in movies (Wolverine, Iron Man, Dark Knight), television (HEROES), and video games
- Digital distribution of comic books
- How to use online communities and social networks to market comics

Scheduled Speakers include:
- Sam Humphries, creator of MySpace Comic Books
- Jermaine Turner, Disney XD, Director- Original Series
- Rich George, IGN, Comics Editor
- Jason Badower, artist/writer on online comic HEROES, True Blood, Zero G
- Jonah Weiland, Comic Book Resources, executive producer
- Chip Mosher, BOOM! Studios, Marketing and Sales Director

7-8 Networking, check out the store
8-9:30 Panel Discussion
9:30-10 Networking
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Recently, buying comics seems like a chore. As noted before in the LJ, most of the time I don't get around to actually reading the issues I buy until days later. It would be a great shame if my interest tails off entirely, even as it decreases my monthly spending. The question though, is why? Why would it be terrible for instance, if I were to wake up the next day and not care who plays Hal Jordan in the live-action Green Lantern movie?

There's no answer now, but the time will come when I can articulate a response, and it'll be over.

I'm left a little relieved the craptacular conclusion of Battle for the Cowl has not turned me against reading mainstream superhero comics. Imagine that.
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Marvel shuts down Livejournal users (via Big Shiny Robot!)

Individual LJ users have been served notices by the LJ Abuse Team and Marvel regarding copyright infringement. Basically anyone who's posted Marvel stuff on [ profile] scans_daily has been targeted for said infringement. Luckily the text does not mention any repercussions, other than the fact that LJ has removed access to the scans.

Last I read, DC Comics and other publishes are not planning on springing a similar plan of action.

I haven't touched Marvel in years, and the latest news simply cements that decision for me. It also means I'm going to stop buying Ed Brubaker and Sean Philip's Criminal and Incognito, and while that makes me extremely sad I'd rather not spend my hard-earned cash on such a company.
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1. Antonio Villaraigosa is re-elected Mayor of Los Angeles. Not that I had faith someone else would win, and generally, Villaraigosa isn't that bad*. BUT re-election has increased speculation that he intends to run for Governor next year. Oh dear lord.

1a. When I arrived at SFO last week and saw San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom's huge grin on a welcome sign, I cracked up. Because it's miles away better than the pictures of Villaraigosa's empty-eyed stare mugging the camera. Anyway, Newsom will be running for Governor next year. I can't wait for the lulz when opponents replay the 'Whether You Like It Or Not!' clip that was an intense soundbite for Yes on 8 adverts.

2. PAD is more than out-of-touch with his audience and other comic book fans, he's stomping around in a fountain of White privilege and splashing the rest of us (via deadbrowalking and [ profile] brownbetty).

*I bring you the classic LA Weekly article, The All-About-Me Mayor: Antonio Villaraigosa's Frenetic Self-Promotion.
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Some of the recent reactions to Frank Miller’s Spirit movie made me think about this phenomenon though. As Peter David commented on Blog@Newsarama and Heidi MacDonald somewhat echoed on The Beat, “Even when Frank Miller falls, he falls from heights that most of us cannot hope to achieve, myself not excluded. If it’s too much to think that you should show at least a modicum of respect for someone who has devoted his life to this medium, then at least acknowledge that the reason you’re doing the happy dance over the failure of someone who has achieved more in his life thus far is than you likely ever will in the entirety of yours is because you’re unspeakably petty and ungrateful and ungracious.” (via Newsarama)

Wherein I pretend this has a modicum of sense under the cut )

TL;DR version: I am doing my happy dance on The Spirit movie failing whilst remembering all that Miller has done for us. Happy now, Peter David?
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Last year, I decided to finally get off my lazy arse and work myself into shape. Who knew exercise could be dangerous to one's health? Especially since my reward after a hard day's slog at the gym was a cheeky smoke in the garden.

It's now 9 months since my last cigarette and three days since I realised I still had to try and get fit. I may have lost a bit of weight, but the fat jiggling when I wave cancels that all out. What's a girl to do, eh?

Then I thought, why, if Batman can do it, so can I!*

*Completely forgetting said Batman is fictional. No more coffee at 3am for me.

Do you really want to know? )
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I can't believe how soon it's May! It seemed only a few days ago that I decided to enter Script Frenzy. How did things end up by the end of April?

Well, Script Frenzy was shelved indefinitely because of the job searching. It's disappointing there hasn't been a solid opportunity yet, but I have two interviews this week and can hope things settle soon. Also in April I managed to write three pieces of fanfiction -- even if I wasn't entirely sure of its quality, it certainly sparked a confidence in my writing I hadn't had in a long while. Another first was attending this year's May Day, an experience I was proud to be a part of.

No link roundup for this week, as I hadn't been online much to get a good grasp on the goingson. However, I will recommend the stories of tonight's 60 Minutes program:

- Project Innocence in Texas working to free wrongly convicted prisoners; their latest success is the release of man held behind bars for 27 years
- Pat Tillman's mother alleging a coverup of the former NFL star's death in Afghanistan by the US army
- Paul Farmer, a doctor who doesn't just believe healthcare is a fundamental right, he actually strives to make it possible in Haiti and Rwanda

Oh and before I forget I had a lovely haul from Free Comic Book Day :D In addition to the 5 free comics I was allowed to pick up (3 usually, 5 if you're a member of the store) I also bought 2 issues of Nexus. I've developed a taste for Steve Rude's artwork ever since I picked up the Nexus/Badger crossover out of a bundle of miscellaneous comics ($3.95 for 20 issues). Sal was shocked at the inappropriate amount I've dropped on comics (admittedly only from the $1 bin), but it's really a tradeoff between eating and reading. And I do not regret choosing the latter.

Don't worry, I'm still eating. I found a bottle of Texas BBQ sauce in the pantry yesterday and added it to a dish of pasta and lentils. Blech. Give me Kansas City BBQ sauce anyday!
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I was hoping to post some tidbits from today's LA Times Festival of Books panel with Mike Mignola and Jeph Loeb, but the bus was late and I missed it entirely. Boo.

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Just walked in through the door, still huffing and puffing from the freezing uphill run to the house. Had one heck of a busy day today. I wasn't even thinking of going out  - Hollywood was too far to go for a protest and I really hated the traffic getting there. Then late last night I was browsing [ profile] scans_daily when someone mentioned Newsrama (ie news for comics website) was reporting from Wizard World LA. Wha-? A comics convention in my own city and I didn't know?

Holy crap, thought I, as I scrambled to look up the transit maps and make it to the show. I know. War protest = no. Comics convention = yes.

To be honest, I do want to be involved in the comics industry somehow AND I told Sal I would help her find out ways to break in for internships and such. Plus I thought it might help me be motivated for Script Frenzy, listening to writers and their work. Politics, however, is one of those things I can talk about but am wary of entering. Horrible, yes, and one day I'll explain. But let's glide over that for now.

The very good stuff of Wizard World LA on Saturday )
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I'm posting this from Groundwork in Hollywood, in the company of [ profile] parlance and her writing group. I've actually managed to pull out 600-plus words for the unnamed ficlet, which is great, but I've also drunk too much coffee and feeling a bit sick. *blergh*

Since I won't have the time to post this later tonight, here's the rest of my writeup on Wondercon:

There I go again with the rambling... )
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I'm not sorry to say this, but CNN is absolutely shit. Ever since Fox News came on, CNN's dumped its formerly formidable news coverage in favour of shitty opinion programs masquerading as journalism. Nancy Grace, for fuck's sake. What the hell makes her deserving of air time? Speculating on live television on whether Britney Spears is mentally deficient? Damn, it makes me depressed.

I know this is probably old news for those who have cable, but I don't and it disgusts me. Not only that, I remember the days when CNN actually had journalism credibility. When I wanted to be the next Christiane Amanpour and put my life out in a war zone in order to broadcast the unseemly truth. God, but MSNBC was a welcome respite. Even when it's as sloppy and concentrated on US-centric news read by pouty female newscasters who think it's the height of hilarity to put on a horrid accent and impersonate the French premier, it's still miles better than the drivel put out by CNN. Anyway, enough with the evils of cable news rant.

Day 2 in San Francisco )
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Hello everybody! A day back in LA and I'm still trying to get my bearings straight. San Francisco seems like a lifetime ago...

Wondercon was much fun and I've learned quite a lot. Despite myself, I used to think comics was one of those things people churned out without much regard. That's my fault, as I realised I now almost specifically read only comics in the superhero genre. These tend to seem like it caters for the juveniles who enjoy big breasts and people punching dinosaurs. When I had access to the LA Public Library system I'd read the early Miller stuff, but the more 'indie' ones too - Terry Moore, Clowes, etc. The Central library in downtown had a great selection of collected Kirby stories from Fantastic Four and Fourth World, and I'm sure I browsed through them fairly quickly. Eight years later and I'm less inclined to read stuff like DMZ and Crumb's works. I can't exactly pinpoint why, but I hope it changes.

I never once stop to think about what makes up these books. Inking, colouring, the paper it's printed on... that's what I've found out about from attending the Wondercon panels. What I concentrated on before was writing, since I had always reckoned on becoming a serious writer. That sort of coincided with a long held teenage dream to set up my own comic company, but now I scratch my head and wonder 'who's going to figure out the necessary day-to-day duties of creating a comic book?' Since learning the core basics, I'm definitely eager to learning more about the industry, even if nothing comes out of it. And not just the material costs of the production, but the history as well. I sat at the Jack Kirby panel and listened to these artists rhapsodise about his work and the massive influence he still has today. I was amazed that these guys remember a particular splash page Kirby made decades earlier, and that they could still explain why it captivates them still. This is the sort of moment that's gotten me itching to read and learn more.

For the next couple of days I'll be uploading pictures and writing up my notes on the Wondercon days. Heh, if you're not that keen on hearing me blag on about things someone said about their work in comics that I found interesting, you may want to avoid me for a while. I have LOTS of material, believe me. Pages and pages.

And now to play catch up on my f-list. Eeek.
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Interesting article on the BBC News website on France's love of comics, or as they call them 'bandes desinees', les BDs for short. BD (pronounced Bay-Day) is treated as a legitimate art form and is known as 'the ninth art'. The term includes a range of genres; in fact you may have already recognise a few. The popularity of BDs have given the world Tintin and the Smurfs - which are actually Belgian. According to the article, when it comes to comics the Franco-Belgian output are considered to be one and the same. Then there's Asterix and the newer Persepolis.

Manga, as everywhere in the western world, have also grown in popularity in France. A few years back I was in contact with a spectacularly talented French-Vietnamese artist, who combined her manga drawing style with the wordy BD's sensibility. The result were gorgeous sketches and intelligent stories. On the other hand, I usually avoid American manga like the plague because most of the 'manga style' artwork is terrible and is just pure copying without understanding the basic rules. I'm hoping more of the new generation of French artists influenced by manga will be more knowledgeable of the craft.
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Was it good for you as it was for me, baby?

Good is a relative term, which means to me 'didn't suck'. Spent V-day entirely offline and taking care of myself, namely spending an ungodly amount on a pair of jeans and hiding out in bookstores. What could be more romantic than that? Nothing, I tell you.

Although I have to admit I was a bit squicked at the Gap. Isn't it annoying when, minding your own business, a 'helpful' store associate pops out of thin air and questions what is your purpose in life in relation to clothes shopping? This guy lugged pairs of jeans he thought I would look 'cute' in and insisted I model them in front of the scary three-way mirror. After trying in vain to button a pair of size 4s and glumly staring at the excess material round my legs, I wanted out. Said store guy raised a hand, eyed me up and down, then proclaimed I needed a size 2. Now I'm a big girl; always have been round a 6 and once an 8. I was so shocked by this I actually whispered 'Do you think I'll fit?'. Store guy grabbed a female colleague to agree with the assessment and before I knew it, there were several pairs to choose from. To my surprise, it actually fit. A size 2 pair of jeans.

Let me repeat that again: a size 2 pair of jeans.

And they were so good I couldn't stop staring at my ass the entire time. I suppose that makes up for paying $75 (including tax). Let's not even get into what I could buy with that amount of money, otherwise I'll never sleep.

The comics front was the lame part of the day; I've never read anything that I thought I might  like only to want to stab my head instead, so this is a new one (Green Arrow/Black Canary arrghh). I totally missed out on remembering International Batman Day, but that comes round on 19 February again. The barista handing me my iced tea did stop and blurt out 'Is that a green... Is that a Green Lantern ring?' on my hand and we geeked out in Starbucks, which is a fantastic plus on V-day. Always a good time to find a fellow comics nerd and disgust other people in the vicinity :)

Finished the wonderful day by eating my ugly-as-sin-but-delicious-as-hell vegan cupcakes and chilling in front of the telly watching Princess Bride (hence the icon). The strawberry cupcakes had too much flour and not enough sugar, but the fabulous icing (from Andrea's blog) saved the day.

So you can see, it really doesn't take a lot to keep me happy. Just a good pair of jeans, chocolate, a geek-out, and the Dread Pirate Wesley.

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Tonight's Simpsons was *nods* fantastic! Let's go down the list of what constitutes a fantastic episode, shall we:

- Poking fun at repetitive comic book covers (Death of Superman, Death of Aquaman, Death of Casper the Friendly Ghost)
- Jack Black as a hipster comic book store owner (with a girlfriend named Strawberry who has a lunchpail as a purse)
- Korean-language cover of Tom Jones' 'What's New Pussycat' (my favourite track as an impressionable little girl)
- Dan Clowes wanting to work on the Batman comics and showing off his ideas for the utility belt
- Alan Moore calming down by reading Little Lulu and singing the theme song
- A buff Art Spiegelman wearing a Maus mask, saying 'MAUS IS IN THE HOUSE!'
- 'League of Extraordinary Freelancers'
- Baby Watchmen DVD!

EDIT: [profile] beardedwolf has pics from this episode on scans_daily XD

Hee. A perfect set-up for this comics post I think. Ready? Let's start things off with:


Sep. 15th, 2007 09:42 pm
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Aww... wasn't able to watch the Clive Owen film tonight, as too busy cleaning out the kitchen. Nevermind that. I'll try tomorrow.

The BBC are currently having their 'Comics Britannia' season in which various British comic strips are spotlighted. There are 3 specially created documentary episodes scheduled to be shown on UK television; unfortunately none of the material is available online. However, there are 2 video clips of extras available featuring Alan Moore and Stan Lee. *crosses fingers* I hope someone uploads the docs to Youtube soon.
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Damn, and it was going so well. Unfortunately I've been ill with a painful sinus headache and sore throat. It'd be ideal if I could spirit away to visit a doctor, but this week was filled with back-to-back work commitments that could not wait. There are such dark circles under my eyes from being unable to have a restful sleep. A friend gave me very good suggestions for meditation which haven't worked yet - I can't seem to meditate into a deep rest. Any sudden noises (like the whoosh of a car as it passes by the house) is enough to startle me awake. But nevermind, it's the weekend! And I have a very ambitious schedule for Saturday and Sunday that includes Wired Magazine's Nextfest. Tomorrow I'm hoping to write up my impressions on yet another Clive Owen film (wait, don't leave!) and on Sunday a little piece about a new dish I'm trying out.

After the jump scans from JLA Wedding Special )



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