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True story, I was asked several times at SDCC-Saturday whether I was wearing a costume. What was I wearing? A yellow jacket, a green and white 50s sunddress, and pink argyle knee-socks with Chucks. Erm, no. That's how I usually dress.

There's plenty more of SDCC-related junk I'm wanting to post (including lovely, lovely artwork) but I'd very much like to record the memories I'll most treasure.

What I remember most vividly... )
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LJ friends across the pond, you will be most envious when you read who will be at this year's Comic-Con. My picks under the cut:

I do many things. I span the genres - they call me the genre spanner. )

More at the SDCC site. Saturday and Sunday schedules are up as well, stay tuned for my picks!
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Thanks to [ profile] kijikun for the headsup! My picks for the day under the cut.

Good God these are too difficult to pick over the other )

There's loads more at the link. Why this year's comic-con already so awesome?!
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You love Darwyn Cooke. You love noir, especially Richard Stark's Parker series. And you can draw a stone cold motherfucking killer like no other. Well, here's the contest for you:

Win a signed copy of The Hunter by Darwyn Cooke by sending in a drawing of Parker to

Me, I'll just have to settle for buying the SDCC exclusive (signed and numbered, man!)
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Out of the panels I attended today, IDW Publishing was the most exciting. While I'm all for DC's major events, I've gravitated more and more to IDW for some substance. Life can't all be superheroes, right? So what can we expect from the company this year?

Much more under the cut )
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I certainly didn't plan it this way. Truth be told, a plan was never made. I was simply going with the flow, hoping no one would suspect. It was pure accident then, that I came out at work... as a comics nerd.

The signs were all there: me coming in a bit later on Wednesdays, the habit of yelling RICHAAAAARDS! when the computer's on the fritz, the fact that the car has a sticker reserved for employees of Wayne Enterprises... Hell, I even wear an el-cheapo Green Lantern ring everyday! Yet as I confirmed the stuff in the blue bag were indeed comics, I was met with very surprised looks. And plenty of questions.

Q. Are you one of those nerds who get upset when comics are turned into movies and the actors aren't the ones you like?
A. I don't read Marvel.

Q: Dude, comics have ads now?
A: ...

Thanks to this and gasp, actual work, I hadn't the time to read everything I picked up this week:

Jonah Hex
Batman RIP
Joker: Joker's Asylum
Billy Batson & The Magic of Shazam!
Legion of Superheroes

I did manage bits of the first two, so what are we waiting for?

In which I expose just how shallow I am, but Sequential Tart gives me swift kick to the rear )

And hi to all the new Bat-friends!
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Just walked in through the door, still huffing and puffing from the freezing uphill run to the house. Had one heck of a busy day today. I wasn't even thinking of going out  - Hollywood was too far to go for a protest and I really hated the traffic getting there. Then late last night I was browsing [ profile] scans_daily when someone mentioned Newsrama (ie news for comics website) was reporting from Wizard World LA. Wha-? A comics convention in my own city and I didn't know?

Holy crap, thought I, as I scrambled to look up the transit maps and make it to the show. I know. War protest = no. Comics convention = yes.

To be honest, I do want to be involved in the comics industry somehow AND I told Sal I would help her find out ways to break in for internships and such. Plus I thought it might help me be motivated for Script Frenzy, listening to writers and their work. Politics, however, is one of those things I can talk about but am wary of entering. Horrible, yes, and one day I'll explain. But let's glide over that for now.

The very good stuff of Wizard World LA on Saturday )
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I'm posting this from Groundwork in Hollywood, in the company of [ profile] parlance and her writing group. I've actually managed to pull out 600-plus words for the unnamed ficlet, which is great, but I've also drunk too much coffee and feeling a bit sick. *blergh*

Since I won't have the time to post this later tonight, here's the rest of my writeup on Wondercon:

There I go again with the rambling... )
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I'm not sorry to say this, but CNN is absolutely shit. Ever since Fox News came on, CNN's dumped its formerly formidable news coverage in favour of shitty opinion programs masquerading as journalism. Nancy Grace, for fuck's sake. What the hell makes her deserving of air time? Speculating on live television on whether Britney Spears is mentally deficient? Damn, it makes me depressed.

I know this is probably old news for those who have cable, but I don't and it disgusts me. Not only that, I remember the days when CNN actually had journalism credibility. When I wanted to be the next Christiane Amanpour and put my life out in a war zone in order to broadcast the unseemly truth. God, but MSNBC was a welcome respite. Even when it's as sloppy and concentrated on US-centric news read by pouty female newscasters who think it's the height of hilarity to put on a horrid accent and impersonate the French premier, it's still miles better than the drivel put out by CNN. Anyway, enough with the evils of cable news rant.

Day 2 in San Francisco )
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Brrrr... It is so flippin' cold. I nipped out to have a look at the lunar eclipse an hour ago but had to rubbish the idea on account of the neighbourhood's trees being whipped by the wind. Meh, I'll have to watch it on the news.

Right now I'm juggling watching Law & Order Criminal Intent, packing for the trip, cleaning up the room, watching a DVD of the Justice League, paying my bills online, and thinking up something to eat before bed. Argh argh argh, I know, anyone sane would have packed days ago :( I like doing stupid stuff, apparently.

Wondercon! XD By the way, is sponsoring a benefit for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund on Saturday night (details here). I'd love to go but there's the special premiere of The New Frontier that ends with a panel with those involved. Now I'm a sucker for Darwyn Cooke, specially if he's talking cos the man's funny and speaks the truth. I'll probably be there starstruck till midnight. Anyway, the benefit is 8 to 11pm. Hope I can make the couple of blocks that night. Otherwise, my contribution will be to the website as per usual! Oh - Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny will be at the 'con. Heh, if only I still had the X files crack fics to read to them.

Another piece of good news: the other party in the accident accepted liability! YES! According to the estimation, the damages to my car are worth $4,000 but it will all be taken care of by insurance. I wish there were an emoticon for the crazy silly dance I'm doing right now. Ahem. I was hoping to have it started before I left, but next Tuesday's the date. Gar will be fixed and happy within 2 weeks. YAY.

Remember my gyro post? Vegan Dad posted his recipe and it looks scrummdiddlyicious! I can't wait to try out his Tzatziki sauce on potatoes, mmmm...

Oh, I wish I could end this rambling post with something good. I mean, I won't be back until next Monday and probably will not post till Tuesday. Gotta end it coherently, right?

Nope. Happy belated birthday Batman!
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This post I wasn't planning on making. I had in mind a post based on the offerings of this week's excellent and fun comic moments from DC. Especially since I've just arrived home ten minutes ago from work and found the SDCC International Update letter with Darwyn Cooke's *sighs* The New Frontier on the cover! OMG I'm soooo psyched, I have this humongous smile on my face. (also reminded me Sal still has my Darwyn Cooke *sighs* autograph with a little sketch of Hal Jordan).

The long comics post will have to wait until Sunday. What I did want to post about was word wars. Since this is my first year with Nano, I had no idea what these were. To sum up, word wars are when writers decide to write the most amount of words within a specified amount of time. Whoever writes the most, wins. Word wars are also known as sprints, because a lot of the time the point isn't to win the word war but to up the word count (the finish line of the sprints).

I hope any of what I've said so far helps the nano writers out there, and good luck everyone!
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Oh dear god. The Comicon was... does a word that could accurately describe the damnable and giddy level of fandickery that is the SDCC exist? After an hour at Wednesday's Preview Night, I felt like my sanity had snapped. But in a good way, you know? As in, picking at a scab that hasn't healed yet.

Unbelievably on Saturday, Saloppe (as in the nick the friend I went with uses) gushed about 'next year'. I had not wanted a cigarette more than at that moment. It's just a crazy mix of things to see and things to fangirl at (Darwyn Cooke!) that all attempts trying to be sensible, damnit, ultimately failed.

Personally, I think it degenerated by the end of day 1 when making meaningless Goddamned Batman and Frank Miller jokes actually became hysterically funny. Sal, on the other hand, would argue it would be the morning of day 2 when we began our long-running Reverse Jesus skit (take the Reverse Flash, turn him into a wrestler, and add a pinch of blasphemy).

Will I go next year? *sigh* This Comicon actually forced me to look at my own reality (funny, innit?). Just as the SDCC allowed Sal to reconnect with her future career in animation (amazing how many people she knew there), the experience made me confront the choices in my life. Didn't I want to be a writer? Didn't I want to break into comics? Goddamnit, didn't I regret turning down that Tokyopop job?

There's nothing like illness, medication, regret, and alcohol to fuel a night's worth of melancholy. Not even the screening of 300 could cheer me up. But sometime that night when Frank Miller poignantly told us to 'Own Your Work', I realised, hell yeah I do want to write. And if the Comicon can be the catalyst to get my stupid arse in gear, I shall be there next year. And also to take my revenge at Ed Brubaker, who nearly made me cry at Wondercon years ago.



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