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Although I've already posted about the spoilers for Green Lantern Corps #42 here, the reality hadn't sunk in until I read CBR's recent interview with Peter Tomasi and forced myself once more to view the ending page.

Spoiler pic under the cut )
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Saw the spoilers for this week's GLC. Surprised myself for being calm instead of all RAGE-y. He'll... he'll be back, right?

Spoilers in comments
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Straight from DC's The Source:

Dodgy Denny. Unf, I love it :D

The First Wave mini-series will be a sort of noir-ish AU that starts with the Batman/Doc Savage book and will include stories featuring The Spirit, Black Canary, Batman, the Avenger, and other characters. In 2010 we'll see ongoing titles for The Spirit and Doc Savage that will be directly tied in to the events of First Wave. If you're as excited as I am with the resurrections of such famous and cult figures as Doc Savage and the Avenger, The Source has been posting Brian Azzarello notes and such drool-worthy Rags Morales art (here).

As for Azzarello's note about making Ebony a 'sassy' girl? Could work, I guess. Right now my focus is on sussing out whether we'll see a Doc Savage/The Spirit crossover take place in First Wave. Uh, for the simple selfish reason that I may have to write that slash fic.

What? You take a look at this and not think bara. Oh, just me then?
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The best part about the reunion: the fan reaction. Check out [ profile] merelyfic's In Between Be and Begin which I had already rec'd for [ profile] crack_van's August edition, if you haven't done so. And below is a short list of the delicious fanart that I think captures that glow now that Tim and Kon have finally met in canon.

PS If you've come across any others you like, please comment!

i. by [ profile] thechameleonnn
ii. by [ profile] cris_san
iii. also by [ profile] cris_san
iv. a b c d e comic in 5 parts by KeeWee
v. (OMG leather jacket returns!) also by KeeWee
vi. also by KeeWee
vii. by *021
viii. by ~ph1shf00d

All lovingly SFW ^^
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Per Geoff John's tweets, there are 3 members of the JSA in the Smallville episode, one of whom is Stargirl. The other two? Still a secret. Me, I'd love to see Wildcat onscreen but am pessimistic. Anyway, this is as good an excuse to post some Ted Grant. Because you can never have too much Wildcat, amirite?

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Read the official press release over at The Source.

In short: WB created a new company called DC Entertainment to consolidate its comics and their various alternate media projects within one place. Paul Levitz will step down from his post as President of DC Comics and remain with DC Entertainment as a writer, contributing editor, and something called an 'overall consultant'. Deadline Hollywood's Nikki Finke states this is a deal that's been simmering for 2 years and is not a reaction to the Disney-Marvel acquisition. Rather, the move was probably best realised during the whole Watchmen rights debacle.

By the way, Finke has a great column on how deep the connections was for said Disney-Marvel acquisition and it's a must read. Who knew Disney CEO Bob Iger's great-grand uncle was Jerry Iger, who created Eisner & Iger studios with Will Eisner?

ETA: Paul Levitz's letter here. It sounds like he might leave, doesn't it?

ETA2: Or not. Levitz is writing Adventure Comics with the Legion of Superheroes backup.

ETA3: Diane Nelson will be in charge of DC Entertainment. The Beat speculated on 29 Aug on her appointment, noting that Nelson had run Warner Premiere which makes the straight-to-video DCU animated films. Additionally, it seems she handled negotiations during the Harry Potter movie production process.
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From the 1999 Oneshot written by Steve Vance, art by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez. Context for the previous Superman Inc post (these are not my scans):

3 large scans under the cut! )
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Haha, so I forgot to pimp this and post the Spirit/Question thing from last time. I'll do it properly in another post, but here's a list of some v. good fic you may be missing out on:

A not so comprehensive list under the cut )

There's plenty of unanswered prompts and great responses I haven't covered. You want Mogoporn? It's there D: Post a prompt, and don't forget to fill in a prompt or two!
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DC's The Source revealed who's behind the cowl here, rather than wait a day until after everyone gets a hold of the issue.Comic company playing the role of spoiler? God just writing that sentence is a spoiler in itself, isn't it? Damn! I don't know how to feel about that.
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Still haven't picked up last week's comics. For some reason, I look at this from the Superman Secret Files and my heart is heavy. I think it's cos I'm happy he's back.
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Bear with me for a moment, my mind's full of tequila.

*blinks* DCU news under the cut )
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Ivan Reis's art gets me all hot and bothered, it really does. But this?

Damnit, Kon looks like my brother. Oh sure, you say with a roll of the eyes, with that attitude every generic dude with glasses and a short haircut in comics will resemble someone you know.

YES BUT IT'S KON! I did not need that mental image when I'm fapping reading my comics.

Anyway BRB I'm going to compile a comic scans post soon. *slips on too big Black Lantern ring*
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LJ friends across the pond, you will be most envious when you read who will be at this year's Comic-Con. My picks under the cut:

I do many things. I span the genres - they call me the genre spanner. )

More at the SDCC site. Saturday and Sunday schedules are up as well, stay tuned for my picks!
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Via Newsrama, see who could very well be Black Lanterns under the cut:


Icon because am bad person.
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Recently, buying comics seems like a chore. As noted before in the LJ, most of the time I don't get around to actually reading the issues I buy until days later. It would be a great shame if my interest tails off entirely, even as it decreases my monthly spending. The question though, is why? Why would it be terrible for instance, if I were to wake up the next day and not care who plays Hal Jordan in the live-action Green Lantern movie?

There's no answer now, but the time will come when I can articulate a response, and it'll be over.

I'm left a little relieved the craptacular conclusion of Battle for the Cowl has not turned me against reading mainstream superhero comics. Imagine that.
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Still struggling to catch up! There's Free Comic Book Day stuff to scan, recent fic posts to read, radio to listen to, and shortbread in the oven baking for tomorrow's Pride and Prejudice marathon. Phew.

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1. Missed out on watching Push with [ profile] bakarini and the girls today because of work issues -- thanks, busted server!

2. Ended up at LCS hoping to snag the Legion of 3 Worlds issue with Cos but that was sold out; will have to run to brother's LCS to buy a copy

3. *points to icon* OMG DC ARE YOU TOYING WITH MY FEELINGS?! ;________;



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