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Straight from DC's The Source:

Dodgy Denny. Unf, I love it :D

The First Wave mini-series will be a sort of noir-ish AU that starts with the Batman/Doc Savage book and will include stories featuring The Spirit, Black Canary, Batman, the Avenger, and other characters. In 2010 we'll see ongoing titles for The Spirit and Doc Savage that will be directly tied in to the events of First Wave. If you're as excited as I am with the resurrections of such famous and cult figures as Doc Savage and the Avenger, The Source has been posting Brian Azzarello notes and such drool-worthy Rags Morales art (here).

As for Azzarello's note about making Ebony a 'sassy' girl? Could work, I guess. Right now my focus is on sussing out whether we'll see a Doc Savage/The Spirit crossover take place in First Wave. Uh, for the simple selfish reason that I may have to write that slash fic.

What? You take a look at this and not think bara. Oh, just me then?
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Briefly scanned through the f-list whilst avoiding the nano and saw mention of a King of Fighters movie. OMG not another trainwreck inspired by a classic video game series. Seriously, if they're so hard up on ideas why don't they just make a movie based on Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball?

Pics and whine under the cut - sigh, I don't know why I bother )
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Still struggling to catch up! There's Free Comic Book Day stuff to scan, recent fic posts to read, radio to listen to, and shortbread in the oven baking for tomorrow's Pride and Prejudice marathon. Phew.

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Three things I loved about tonight's Chuck:

1) Scott Bakula!

2) Chuck manning up... with tranq guns

3) hearing Glasvegas on primetime telly :D

GUH. I really needed that after the wanktastic time I've had at work. And guess what's the cherry on the sundae? NBC has episodes of Quantum Leap online! *squees*
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Guess what Mattel's releasing in DCU Classics Wave 9:

Dude, look at his feet! ~glee~
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Out of the panels I attended today, IDW Publishing was the most exciting. While I'm all for DC's major events, I've gravitated more and more to IDW for some substance. Life can't all be superheroes, right? So what can we expect from the company this year?

Much more under the cut )
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Let's get some things out of the way:

1) For those worried about Kate Spencer after Manhunter was canceled: she will be Gotham's new DA. I know. My heart just about skipped a beat when I heard that.

2) New Doom Patrol title written by Keith Giffen, with a 10pg co-feature of Metal Men added at the back of the book that is penciled by Kevin Maguire and written by JM DeMatteis. I know. I thought I was going to have a heart attack.

3) Blackest Night 0 will be DC's offering for Free Comic Book Day. Sadly, Hal Jordan isn't dressed up as Rainbow Brite on the cover. Geoff Johns is writing, and Doug Mahnke is on art duties *whistles*

4) Gotham City Sirens is a team up of Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn. Bad news: Dini says this Harley is not the Harley of the DCAU or her previous comic incarnation. It's not a fluffy Gotham Girls-esque title, as he intends to take it to darker places. For me, these characters aren't simple villains so I trust Dini. The news means my interest in the book hasn't wavered.

5) A lady went up at DC Nation panel to ask some questions. When mentioned she had them written down, it turns out her out-of-town boyfriend had asked her to ask the questions for him. We gave her a round of applause. Love: it makes you do nerdy things.

6) My question was whether we'd see Captain Boomerang II (Owen) and the new Suicide Squad soon. The answer was that we'll see half of them. Huh. Well, as long as we FINALLY see Owen meet Bart. Or am I jumping the gun in thinking that?

7) Green Lantern movie trailer: Yawn, it's Hal Jordan. *looks at watch* Oh, it's his origin story. *looks at screen* Damn, look at those cheekbones! You could cut glass on those corners. *sigh* I think I just lost interest in the GL movie. From the perspective of the company, I understand why the origin instead of something like Sinestro Corps War (please please please!) but I've already seen a GL origin story in New Frontier. I don't know, I guess I was just excited at the possibility of Guy, Kyle, and John when we're just getting more Hal-love. *mopes*

8) After the WW movie, I saw a kid with his Daddy, who had dressed up in a Wonder Woman homage. Shirtless (and ripped, too), with a red cape, golden lasso, and red boots to die for. I loved, loved his costume.

And finally, the WW movie:

They said it couldn't be done. Were they right? MAJOR SPOILERS )

tl;dr: An enjoyable, entertaining movie. It's heavy on awesome action sequences, which are not at all gratuitous or overly bloody but isn't for the little kids (rating is PG-13). If you are watching for Diana and the Amazons being kick-ass, and either don't care or don't know Steve Trevor then I would rate it an A.

Since I take umbrage at Steve Trevor's transformation into Nemesis-lite, though I think everything else is awesomeness, I'm giving it a B+.
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Result: I got classic GL. But I'm a girl and I have the hots for Kyle, which means I'd probably end up fridged within a week ;________;
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I tend to squee a lot with spoilers )
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Just got back from doing my bit and watching the Batman film (finally) in IMAX. Yeah, I got something to say about it but more importantly...

When I heard at SDCC that the JSA was going to pop up in the new animated show Batman: The Brave and Bold I thought 'COOL!' How else could I react to seeing my favourite superhero team animated? XD

BUT! as recently highlighted on [ profile] scans_daily, it's not the team per se -- it's the team members that will guest-star. Who's a definite: Wildcat. One of Batman's mentors. And if not already obvious, one of my fave characters. *squees like there will be no tomorrow*

But that's not all. The post continues with another scoop: Guy Gardner will show up.


Like, Batman + Guy = one-punch awesome.

Truly it is blowing my mind. *squees again*

True, he's already shown up previously (Duck Dodgers has got to have the best Guy cameo). I'm trying not to get my hopes up (too late!), but I trust these guys to do well by the characters. Is anyone else as excited?

Hahah, probably not. Please excuse the fangirling, then!
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The Comic-con's programming isn't up yet, but found out the cast of MST3K will be reuniting for a Friday panel. Am adding this to my list of must-sees for the event which includes Steve Rude signing (is it not the 23rd yet?!)
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Saw this on [community profile] scans_daily and it made me cry. It's one thing to make Sin City into a movie, but quite another to turn Will Eisner's The Spirit into Sin City. I know this will sound like a petulant fan whining about how the comics is better than a movie that's hardly completed, but we're talking about Frank 'whores whores whores' Miller here.

Someone said the trailer had a trace of humour in it and I bleakly noted he's hardly ever made anything intentionally funny (unless you count All Star Batman And Robin, and I don't). It takes a good storyteller to balance the humour, the action, and the heavy stuff -- can Miller pull it off?

Judging from what we have so far and being fair, it's too early to tell. At the same time, the tone of the trailer SUCKS. Well, there's a bunch (clowder?) of cats in the first few seconds. For a second I thought maybe we're watching Catwoman instead. Nope wait, there's Denny. And cue some lame voiceover where the city is both mother and lover to our guy (hahaha, motherlover!). This is exactly when my heart broke in two.

It looks like Sin City, sounds like Sin City, and oh dear god we're going to see whores aren't we? There's not a glimpse of the Denny Colt/Spirit I recognise other than the superficial stuff (hat, tie, suit). Just the generic Frank Miller 'hardboiled' protagonist who hangs out with cats and jumps on power lines.

What did we do to deserve this tripe? Wait, wait, I shouldn't say that just yet. There's still loads of time until the film is actually released. Maybe it won't be so bad. Right? I mean, it can still be salvaged. Right?

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At last it's finished, and goes out with a bang! Three books released on one day: GL finale, GLC epilogue, and Tales of GLC Corp: Ion

From start to finish it's been an exhilarating ride, and I applaud DC Comics for pulling it off. What could have been a revisit of the awful Amazons Attack special was instead treated very well. Sinestro Corps had something for everyone. The awesome setup (Sinestro forging his own ring and own Corps ZOMG!). The villains (Hank Henshaw, bratty-turned-homicidal Emoboy Superman Prime, and of course Sinestro). And for those die-hard fans who know loads of GLC history, SCW included characters seldom seen in years (I had to look most of them up on Wikipedia, too). For those who came by the GL mythos later, it was an excellent crash-course on how expansive the GL community is. I'm squarely in the latter group, and eagerly awaited each new installment as a chance to learn more about the Green Lanterns. It got me so invested that I've started wearing the plastic GL ring I picked up from SDCC everyday. And gushing to strangers (including most of my amused co-workers) how much I love the Green Lanterns. How many comics lately can drum up such excitement?

Whoever came up with the storyline deserves a medal. It's perfect: it settles some old scores and offers potential for the established characters. For instance, SC helped established the purpose of Kyle Rayner. Kyle was my GL, as I starting reading the books when Hal Jordan became Parallax. The drama of turning Jordan into a baddie and trying to supplant him with a 90's west coast male angered many older fans but did not trouble me cos I liked them both. I liked Hal when I read about his character through the eyes of the other GLs, but didn't really care when he became Spectre or when he came back. It was only when Kyle became Ion that I stopped being reading. Ion, the living battery that powers the GLC (like the Energizer bunny?) Giving someone the powers of a god, now that isn't particularly interesting to read (hehe remember Superman Blue?). This dongle of a storyline is kinda satisfied when in Sinestro Corps, we see the Ion thingy palmed off to a new character and Kyle returning as a regular GL. YAY!

I say YAY because now we have four equal Earth GLs to love - if you don't like Kyle and love Hal, there's your pick. If you enjoyed John Stewart from the JL or the JLU, animated series, you'll be glad to see him in rotation again. And if like me, you can't get enough of Guy Gardner and gasped when it looked like he might die in the war,

Aww! How can you not love this sensitive side of Guy? You can bet your sweet green ass I will be spending my money on the GL books from now on :P

One last thing: Hey DC! You win!



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