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Comics post will be up shortly, promise. In the meantime this is a little something I'm posting so I'll remember:

Tour dates for The Streets in LA is 15th.

Tour dates for Big Kylie is 4th.

Mon anniversaire? 20th October. Oh great universe, please let me have tickets.
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And may she have many, many more! I'm going to celebrate by putting my hair in a side ponytail, dance around my room in tube socks, and sing this with my hairbrush in hand:

*It's pretty crazy how many remixes I have for Love at First Sight -___-.
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No Big Kylie tickets for me :/

It would have been an excellent birthday present to myself too. I'm gutted, but there's always a chance new tickets will open up down the road. *thinks good thoughts*

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I'm so stoked! Fan presale tickets for Kylie's FIRST North American tour goes on sale starting at 10am. Wish me luck :D
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Big Kylie's new video for The One - one of the best songs she's had in a long while - has been posted on youtube. It's a wild retro-noir-meets-artsy-graphics and so very crisp-looking video; check it out here.

I was going to post the video here, but you know what I'm really in the mood for? Classic Kylie. With her '80s fashion and poodle-perm hairdo. Aw, you love it :D

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It's La Minogue at 40! She still looks gorgeous, doesn't she? Here's to many more happy and healthy birthdays :D

I kinda wanted to celebrate by dancing around bar counters in a pair of gold hotpants, but realised I didn't own one. Gasp! So I'm settling for making a donation to a breast cancer charity instead :P
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Both my teenage brothers have gone for egg hunts somewhere in the city - one says he's helping out the hunt, the other just holds up a big plastic bag and runs off. I'd join them too if it weren't for the sun. Don't get me wrong, I like it when it's nice and toasty. It's just that I'm pretty sensitive and tend to break out in rashes if not properly protected. There's gobs of chemical sunscreen waiting to dry before I set out for coffee, chocolate, and the Sunday paper.

Meanwhile I'm rearranging my music collection as best I can. Best to get this done on a lazy day, otherwise it'll seem like work. I had to stop though, because I've discovered Kylie Minogue's latest song. How come her album hasn't been released in the US yet? Oh, I have to wait until 1 April? That's slightly better, then.

When Kylie came into my hometown for a tour in the early '90s, I was absolutely smitten. I thought she was the most adorably beautiful creature that ever existed. Still do. In fact, when I see the video here I think of Kylie as Power Girl - the strong, self-assured woman (even if she's tiny in person). People do go on about how her voice is thin, or how her songs are repetitive. You could say the same about loads of other pop singers.

I think the reason why I find her special is that she's genuine, even back when I was a kid and wondering how this bubbly girl on the telly with a lovely Aussie accent was. Her act was manufactured pop, but her personality shone through and rose above the often crummy material. With all the crap that happened in her life (cancer, career downs, ex-boyfriend's suicide), I couldn't be half as optimistic as she is. And yet she still goes on and does her very best. You know, if I ever get the chance to meet her, I'd say 'Good on ya, girl'. Not like she'd need it, but I'm sure she'd like to hear it.

Seriously - Kylie as Power Girl. You see it, too? With her power blonde bob and white suit? Shame she hasn't the height though.

Disco Delicious has a fantastic CSS remix of the Kylie song. Check it out!
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NaNoWriMo is kicking me hard. And right when I'm down for the count, too.

The site's got these spanking new widgets I'd love to post, but as it updates only once a day and I feverishly update my stats at least thrice an hour it's not showing the correct amount. It took me a good part of the day to pass the 10,000 mark - a belated landmark, since it's day 10 and I should have reached 16,670. GAH. I don't know if I have it in me to try and work in 10k tomorrow. 20,000 in two days?

I am going to say HELL YEAH! and then curl into a fetal position.

And now, the top distractions of the week:

- la Minogue launched her own social networking site called Kylie Konnect - tried several times to register, but was pitifully turned down everytime. I'm left to listen 'Je ne sais pas pour quoi' with a glass of coffee soymilk

- had the Monty Python's Holy Grail Ale, which wasn't bad. Thought it had a chocolate malt-ish aftertaste, but I was drinking out of the bottle and should have poured it into a glass instead (I'm a heathen that way). But at $7, it's much too expensive for a favourite. I'm sticking with Guinness, even if it's made in Ghana or Mexico or wherever it is now.

- and missing the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra at the Disney Hall last Friday. Good news is that the conductor Gustavo Dudamel will eventually head the LA Philharmonic in a few years, and am loving the clips on youtube from when they graced the BBC Proms in August. I have never seen anyone so young so excited and passionate in the orchestra - this clip of Mambo even made my mother, a dedicated hater of all things classical, smile. See for yourself how a campaign started by an economist to reach impoverished kids in Venezuela with classical music can create such wonderful performances:

Gah, I'm back to writing on me own. Good thing I've got ol' Harry and the sounds of NOLA for company. Do dat thing ya'll!

EDIT: 02:39 - Brain leaking. Eyes drying. Finished two word wars and somehow wrote in a very strange internal monologue with myself into the nano. WHAT? I CAN HAS SLEEP?



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