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Back from the LA Japanese Food Festival having gorged myself on food, sake, and beer. Am about to set my nose to the grindstone to get through this strange NaNoWriMo slump and wanted to dedicated to the flist this must listen beautiful 50s-Girl-Pop-with-a-hint-of-Gospel-meets-Hippie-Strings (phew!) Noisettes cover of The Killers' When We Were Young off BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge.

Have a great week ahead everyone!
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There's something seriously wrong with me.

I haven't packed, haven't paid my bills, and right now I'm panting like a dog thanks to this heat, futzing around with MediaMonkey to create a playlist for Comic-Con. For the love of Mike.

It's only a feeling, but it's quite likely that anything I post tomorrow (jammed between trips to the drugstore and the bar) will be born out of sheer panic. Ffff where did I put my voice recorder?

Anyways, save yourself from the insanity and enjoy the summer with this chooooon from back in the day:

Young'uns out there who have NO clue what this is, I feel for you, I really do.
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Thank you for the kind thoughts in the last post everyone. Mucho mucho appreciated :)

I'm feeling much better now, and even feeling a little embarrassed that I wrote so openly about my feelings. I'm actually quite reserved in some ways, a little 'stiff upper lip' when it comes to expressing something other than anger.

Ahem. Perpetua dug a gigantic hole in the stonewall garden and is currently fanning herself out in the sun without a care. My brother's actually too frightened to scare it off (he saw P nomming on my knee a while ago and freaked out) so it's up to me to get the bloody thing away from the garden. Wish me luck!

Meanwhile, have some mindblowing Dizzee Rascal tune. It starts off like any other club banger, infectious and suitable for all-ages, then at the very end it dissolves into a delicious, delirious trance track. It's this summer's monster hit:


May. 1st, 2009 08:05 am
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I <3 Strummer SFM. He makes me want to shave my head into a mohawk and take to the streets, however silly that sounds. I won't be protesting this year at any of the planned protests (can't leave the office when there's only me and another person in charge), but if things were different I'd be out there in a heartbeat.
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Inspired by tonight's (last night's?) Keanu Reeves double-bill (Point Break and Speed) at [ profile] bakarini's birthday dinner, I just had to dig up the moment where Keanu moved from being Ted to fanciable material. At least for me, I'm sure there are people who thought Ted was pretty damn hot at the time but I was eight and thought marijuana was EVIL. *cough* My moment would have to be Paula Abdul's Rush Rush video. Can you believe it's been eighteen years since the video? LOL at Paula Abdul playing a teenager, at Keanu *attempting* to channel James Dean, and at the missing subcurrent of homoeroticism (if it indeed is an homage to Rebel Without A Cause). Mmm but who cares when Keanu's got that floppy hair and emo eyes going on, right? (better, but truncated video here)

Happy Easter!
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Me and oh, 1 other person reading this will know what I'm well excited about:


Do I dare be that twonk what yells 'DO THE ONE AND ONLY!' at the stage?

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Not I. That's wot teh intarwebs for.

So I was catching up with my fave music podcasts and blogs when I came across what potentially is the most crack-like song of 2008. Trust, one listen and you'll be wanting more; it's that epic. Think cheesy early 90s boyband colliding with hard core synthesizer and industrial beats. Ta-dah, Tuff N' Stuff by Giantess:

Oh, and they're from Boston. I think I'm in love.


Nov. 4th, 2008 01:20 am
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Because I can't sleep in anticipation of the election day, I give you The Pointer Sisters:


OT: How awesome is the vintage hair and threads?!
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Missed quite a bit over the last week as I misjudged how deeply my anxieties would affect me. *sigh* Not in a happy place right now.

Anyhoo, I am in dire need of catching up with the flist. And guess what? This should be the last time I post as kitsune_stars. I'm infinitely embarrassed by the username, which I dreamt up late one night because I couldn't quite think of something better. Haven't decided what should be its replacement, although I would love she_speaks_poniards. As in 'she speaks poniards, and every word stabs!' from Much Ado About Nothing. *giggles* Alas, too long for these purposes. Let's hope I come up with something reasonably clever. Oh and jeebus, I will post fic. Soonish.

In the meantime, here's a tune by the Rolling Stones that never fails to get me misty-eyed.

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It's been more than a month, hasn't it? The timing was off whenever I tried to make one of the Old School Jam posts, but here I am awake and ready to jump start things.

In light of my recent troubles and of the general low mood of the flist, I think we all could use a little Al Green. Agreed?

Love & Happiness, Al Green
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*yawn* I should really stop posting when I'm dead tired. Rereading yesterday's post made me realise that I tend to ramble and repeat words over and over... I should really stop posting when I'm dead tired.

Blender magazine recently asked the presidential candidates their top 10 songs, and my co-worker and I found the results quite amusing.

Guess who loves ABBA )

See any songs you might have on your personal top 10?
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Big Kylie's new video for The One - one of the best songs she's had in a long while - has been posted on youtube. It's a wild retro-noir-meets-artsy-graphics and so very crisp-looking video; check it out here.

I was going to post the video here, but you know what I'm really in the mood for? Classic Kylie. With her '80s fashion and poodle-perm hairdo. Aw, you love it :D

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It's La Minogue at 40! She still looks gorgeous, doesn't she? Here's to many more happy and healthy birthdays :D

I kinda wanted to celebrate by dancing around bar counters in a pair of gold hotpants, but realised I didn't own one. Gasp! So I'm settling for making a donation to a breast cancer charity instead :P
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There's a woeful shortage of Tommy Dorsey Orchestra videos on Youtube. Okay, okay, I know not a lot of people are fans of the big band sound these days. Because youtube is an amazing treasure trove for the obscure and sadly missed genres, I'm hoping this will be rectified soon.

Same goes for Tommy's brother, Jimmy Dorsey, and his outfit. I'm more familiar with the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra, which to me means the lovely Helen O'Connell and her gorgeous, jaw-dropping voice. While my favourite tune from her and the crew isn't up (Star Eyes, if anyone is keeping score), Rubber Dolly does a fair cop in introducing her style. I dare you not to grin when the song ends.

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Still looking for a job and trying my best to keep positive, something that's not easy considering I'm paying the bills tonight and feeling wretched. But chin up and all that, eh?

Here's a little number that's helping scatter the blues away:

How gorgeous is Mary Ford's voice? And boy, get a hold of Les Paul's licks and grooves. I get such a shiver listening to it :D
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Both my teenage brothers have gone for egg hunts somewhere in the city - one says he's helping out the hunt, the other just holds up a big plastic bag and runs off. I'd join them too if it weren't for the sun. Don't get me wrong, I like it when it's nice and toasty. It's just that I'm pretty sensitive and tend to break out in rashes if not properly protected. There's gobs of chemical sunscreen waiting to dry before I set out for coffee, chocolate, and the Sunday paper.

Meanwhile I'm rearranging my music collection as best I can. Best to get this done on a lazy day, otherwise it'll seem like work. I had to stop though, because I've discovered Kylie Minogue's latest song. How come her album hasn't been released in the US yet? Oh, I have to wait until 1 April? That's slightly better, then.

When Kylie came into my hometown for a tour in the early '90s, I was absolutely smitten. I thought she was the most adorably beautiful creature that ever existed. Still do. In fact, when I see the video here I think of Kylie as Power Girl - the strong, self-assured woman (even if she's tiny in person). People do go on about how her voice is thin, or how her songs are repetitive. You could say the same about loads of other pop singers.

I think the reason why I find her special is that she's genuine, even back when I was a kid and wondering how this bubbly girl on the telly with a lovely Aussie accent was. Her act was manufactured pop, but her personality shone through and rose above the often crummy material. With all the crap that happened in her life (cancer, career downs, ex-boyfriend's suicide), I couldn't be half as optimistic as she is. And yet she still goes on and does her very best. You know, if I ever get the chance to meet her, I'd say 'Good on ya, girl'. Not like she'd need it, but I'm sure she'd like to hear it.

Seriously - Kylie as Power Girl. You see it, too? With her power blonde bob and white suit? Shame she hasn't the height though.

Disco Delicious has a fantastic CSS remix of the Kylie song. Check it out!
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Was feeling a bit tetchy work still hadn't called back. I've only 10 days max before the deadline runs out and any chance of returning to the office vanishes in a puff of smoke. This is all too upsetting, and I couldn't think of anything better than to go out and busy myself. So: new haircut and 3 used Ella Fitzgerald CDs. The latter includes the second Ella/Louis Armstrong collaboration, featuring one of my favourite interpretations of 'I Won't Dance', and cheering me up considerably. Back in uni, this was the song me and the (crazy) roomie would sing to when we made dinner on weeknights. It's such a fun, silly song with the power to set aside our petty differences for the moment, if only to giggle at Louis half-growling/half-crooning 'merci beaucoup'. Ahhh, the magic of those two.

I'm also looking forward to chilling out to Ella's 1979 live Newport Jazz CD - a double disc album that sells on for nearly $20 and one I bought for $7 only (all the CDs were this price!).

Enough with this wistful blather. I present the next chapter in the unnamed ficlet. Good gravy, it took 1,000 words for Simon to go to the subway. What's next, 2,000 words for him in the lavy? Hmm...

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Ever get into a beastly foul mood you know nothing will cure you? The weekend was very much like that. I was hoping to talk to Sal and pour my heart out, but she never came online. I later found out someone called in a gunman threat at her college on Friday and had the entire place in lockdown - she spent a very nervous day waiting outside the school to make sure everyone she knew was safe.

The insurance never called me back either and pretty soon the worry started eating up inside of me. The stress of not knowing whether work will take a chance on me (unlikely) and trying to come up with the money to fix the car was too much. So I headed back for some 'time travel'.

Time-travel is my term for when during my battles for depression, I'd just close my eyes and sleep my time away. It's a way of hiding from the world and cocoon myself in a man-made safe place. Of course, it worsens the time it takes for the depression but can be quite comforting. 'Time-travel' didn't work this time, however, so I chewed at my bottom lip angrily and tried my best to find some other way to occupy the time. It took plenty of sighing and kicking things before I started the computer and decided to work.

During a grueling session of self-editing with 'Self-Editing For Fiction Writers', Mediamonkey played a classic that lifted my spirits immediately. Thank god for the Andrews Sisters and Bing Crosby! Seriously, if you can't listen to it without a smile, you my friend, are one cold fish. It works so well that I've started singing the chorus whenever I get too stressed or down in the dumps. (Full track here)

The result? A Dear John letter exercise posted to [profile] nanoljers that starts "Dear Miss Piggy"

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Sunday's the day of rest, you know :P

In fact, it was so lazy I didn't make it down the hill to pick up the newspaper. But who could blame me when outside the wind was howling like a wounded animal. Soon as I woke up past noon and heard the sounds of rain puddles sloshing up against the curbside I thought, yep there's no way I'm heading out today.

Instead I caught up on the news online and read LJ posts. [profile] jen_in_japan posted a Power Girl fic as part of a contest over at the new [community profile] jsa_allstars comm. I love (LOVE!) Peeg in spite of her oversexualised costume and think she's an amazing, strong character. In case you're not sure of what I mean regarding the cossie, I'm talking boob window. At last year's SDCC someone actually dressed up as Power Girl, but with inflatable boobs. Take a look at Alex Ross's take on her (via her wikipedia page) to see why inflatable was the way to go.
So why the window? A lovely gesture was made in a JSA Classified story where Peeg says it was meant to be covered by a logo similar to Superman's 'S', but she couldn't figure out what... (memo to self: find this page and scan). Ever sceptical I thought, riiiiight, like anyone will buy that explanation. At the same time, if you see how she's visualised, girl's got some serious power. She's as defined as Venus and Serena Williams, which fits because all that punching baddies and picking up tanks is sure to pump up the muscles. You can't expect a superhero to be Twiggy can you? (I'm looking at you Supertorso!) After reading the recent Peeg trade paperback I can't imagine Peeg without the boob window, because I think it's the sort of thing thats unabashedly female. She's not doing it for the men, she's doing it because she wants to. Ya know?

[community profile] jsa_allstars is having its first challenge on the theme 'family'. I thought about giving it a go because JSA=awesomeness. One of my favourite quotes is from a former member of JSA, Starman, who says JLA is so mainstream. I tend to agree: the Justice League are a team of superheroes who save the world. The JSA, on the other hand, are a family of often unrelated superheroes who uphold certain traditions and legacies. It may seem a little like semantics to non-comic fans, but trust me it's what makes all the difference in the world. Working on the challenge will be a great excuse to dig through the comics I've already packed away for some research. Hopefully this week I'll come up with a good fanfic to post, which will also be my first foray into fanfiction. As I've repeatedly stated to Sal, crazy X Files fics with cross-dressing Krychek and Love Boat-singing aliens do not count.

To round off the weekend post here's the lovely Tegan and Sara. I have a mighty crush on the both of them right now, and spent entirely too much time on Youtube listening to their videos. Voila:



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