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Long time no see! How's everyone's New Years? I had great fun with one happy friend and one pouty friend, so maybe things evened out a bit? I'm having a rough go of it right now, hustling to sell as many things as I can for cash and trying to find a buyer for the car.

I ALMOST had the car situation sewed up with a buyer who would have taken it off my hands today, had it not been for the fact that I was out $250 to pay the balance on the loan. No problem, I said, I'll give my mother a call for an emergency loan. That turned out to be a big mistake as she freaked out about the amount I was selling the car for and badgered me for the buyer's phone number. I don't know what was said, but by the time I got together the cash needed from other sources and called the buyer I got an abrupt response saying they'll think about whether they still want the car or not.

Now, if they decide on Monday that they don't want the car, I have about 5 days to find another buyer. It'd make me cry if I hadn't already hives from the stress. FML.

Anyways, enough of that downer tale. Enjoy the first Perpetua picture of the year:

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Why Kiley, have you resorted to bullying Perpetua and procrastinating on your novel? But it's only Day 2!

Yeah, but in my defense: CHECK OUT MY AWESOME ASTRO BOY TOYS! )

No bunnies/rabbits were harmed in the making of this post. Darn!
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Thank you for the kind thoughts in the last post everyone. Mucho mucho appreciated :)

I'm feeling much better now, and even feeling a little embarrassed that I wrote so openly about my feelings. I'm actually quite reserved in some ways, a little 'stiff upper lip' when it comes to expressing something other than anger.

Ahem. Perpetua dug a gigantic hole in the stonewall garden and is currently fanning herself out in the sun without a care. My brother's actually too frightened to scare it off (he saw P nomming on my knee a while ago and freaked out) so it's up to me to get the bloody thing away from the garden. Wish me luck!

Meanwhile, have some mindblowing Dizzee Rascal tune. It starts off like any other club banger, infectious and suitable for all-ages, then at the very end it dissolves into a delicious, delirious trance track. It's this summer's monster hit:

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Don't go out there, the old woman said. She pointed at the stretch of land surrounded by gnarled trees and permanently cast in shadow. You don't want what's waiting there.

I shook off her grip. Woman, I'll go where I bloody well want--

--wait, what was that? I turned around, saw naught but heard the retreating footsteps. The old woman's warning rang in my ears.

What was out there? )
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D'oh! Thanks to [ profile] fictionalknight for prodding me to post a rabbit update. But first, here's a picture:

Before Animal Control arrived to help me catch Perpetua, my mum's friend showed up. It turns out the friend has rabbits of her own, and agreed to keep Perpetua for a while. Phew. I was worried as heck, not to mention guilty for calling Animal Control in the first place. Today the friend brought the rabbit back to us so we could have a chat and let Perpetua roam free in the garden.

On my list: some alfafa hay and treats for the next time she visits.
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Bloody Perpetua's crawled under the house.

My mum is out there right now shouting at it in three different languages, which I have to admit is slightly amusing. Only slightly because a few minutes ago she was yelling at me in three different languages for spooking the rabbit. Look, I was only walking towards the gate. I had no idea it'd suddenly run out in front of me and dive into the crawlspace. Crap, I hope it's not chewing on anything electrical down there.

Thanks for the helpful tips everyone! I'll be calling animal control and the shelters tomorrow to see what can be done to rehouse the bugger. That is, if bloody Perpetua ever gets out.

ETA: Bloody Perpetua was found in the yard nibbling on a piece of lettuce about twenty minutes later. I then somehow convinced my sister to try and see whether the rabbit will go into the cage. Cue the Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny routine. LULZ. Bloody Perpetua is now snuggled in the rosemary bush and said sister has vowed to turn it into rabbit stew tomorrow.
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Okay. So my mother wasn't making it up. And it does not look to have a vicious streak a mile wide.

What do I do now? It just showed up one day and doesn't belong to the neighbours. Call animal control? Get to a vet? Does it need a house? Food? It seems to be eating leaves around the garden.


(Also, I have named the thing Perpetua. Shush.)
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Mum: Blah blah blah blah feeding the rabbit carrots blah--

Me: What rabbit?

Mum: There's a rabbit.

Me: I heard you; what rabbit?

Mum: Oh, the one I was feeding today.

Me: (struggling to contain anger) What. Rabbit.

Mum: There's one living in the backyard. I gave it carrots and it ate them like this. (Bunny imitation)

Me: Why is there a rabbit in our backyard?

Mum: I think someone dumped it there.

Me: What?

Mum: I think I'm going to sell it to a pet shop.

Me: What? Why would someone throw a rabbit over the fence in the first place? Wait, why do you want to sell it?

Mum: Someone probably didn't want it anymore. What can we do about it, huh?

Me: (half-joking) Eat it?

Mum: No meat. Maybe I'll buy more carrots.



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