Jan. 13th, 2009

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At work, I'm speaking to a UPS CSR trying to get a refund.

Me: First of all, the adverse weather conditions dissipated and the package was on track to delivery. Secondly, the reason the packages were late was because it was mis-sorted at the facility and didn't go out on Friday!

CSR: Ma'am, I'm sorry but the adverse weather condition means we cannot issue a refund--

Me: I'm looking at the terms of service and conditions right now. Where does it say that?

CSR: Let me show you. (long pause as she scrolls down the screen) On page 36.

Me: (reads) Well, exactly! The words 'adverse weather conditions' does not even show up! How can it be applied?

CSR: It's an act of God.

Me: (shocked pause) What?

CSR: We do not cover acts of God.

Me: Weather is an act of God?! What?

CSR: I'm sorry but we don't--

Me: How can you even say weather has to do with God? This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

CSR: I'm sorry, but again we cannot issue you a refund.

I'm extremely pissed and offended. Offended because I'm an atheist and cannot discount the claim of 'act of God' without disproving the existing of said deity. And pissed because I'm not getting a refund, and UPS clearly believes there's a bearded man up on high throwing thunderbolts at clouds and creating said adverse weather conditions.

ETA: Because I am a dumbass, [livejournal.com profile] kadymae points out the legal term acts of God refers to unforeseen situations that are out of anyone's control. I still call shenanigans on UPS's part because the delay in delivery was due to mis-sorting, not the weather and they're using force majeure to cover their ass. So now I'm pissed, and no longer offended.



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