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Long time no see! How's everyone's New Years? I had great fun with one happy friend and one pouty friend, so maybe things evened out a bit? I'm having a rough go of it right now, hustling to sell as many things as I can for cash and trying to find a buyer for the car.

I ALMOST had the car situation sewed up with a buyer who would have taken it off my hands today, had it not been for the fact that I was out $250 to pay the balance on the loan. No problem, I said, I'll give my mother a call for an emergency loan. That turned out to be a big mistake as she freaked out about the amount I was selling the car for and badgered me for the buyer's phone number. I don't know what was said, but by the time I got together the cash needed from other sources and called the buyer I got an abrupt response saying they'll think about whether they still want the car or not.

Now, if they decide on Monday that they don't want the car, I have about 5 days to find another buyer. It'd make me cry if I hadn't already hives from the stress. FML.

Anyways, enough of that downer tale. Enjoy the first Perpetua picture of the year:

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PS back to bedsies for me. Bad case of allergic reaction :(
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ZOMG I am not even kidding. I was just listening to BBC's Hardtalk with Sudan's Ambassador to the UN, Abdalmahmood Mohamed, discussing the upcoming Copenhagen summit. The ambassador is also chairman of the G77 Bloc, which represents several hundred poor and developing countries. Pre-negotiations the G77 threatened to walk out of talks if rich countries (ie US and EU) do not make further cuts in their emissions.

But interviewer Stephen Sackur wasn't satisfied with the 'diplo talk' the ambassador was spewing, and upbraided him several times regarding the facts. In fact after one of those moments Mahmood seemingly lost his temper, but Sackur bulldozered on, pulling quotes from various reports and flinging them at the ambassador. It was a little troubling at first, listening to someone who was at once patronising and scarily knowledgeable verbally attacking the interviewee. What is this, the radio version of The O'Reilly Factor? Then Sackur confirmed my suspicions when he brought up the indictment against Sudan's president. And the human rights abuses. And Darfur.

GO GO GO! Holy crap, I mean, it sounded like he wasn't a fan of Sudan's government from the beginning of the interview but I wasn't expecting Sackur to blindside the ambassador and confront him on Darfur! He even said he had been reading up on the reports and had more quotes for Mahmood. It was at this point that I thought Sackur sounded like Alan Partridge, except you know, less conceited and more politically minded. Something in the way he kept interrupting the ambassador with disdain dripping from his voice. And what's more, the ambassador was made silent many times during the discussion. Seriously, classic stuff. Go and have a listen here.
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Looking at the case of Madeleine Martin, the 39-year-old RE (Religious Education) teacher and mother of two, jailed for 32 months and placed on the sex offenders' register for sleeping with a 15-year-old male pupil, do we seriously think that a female teacher sleeping with a male pupil is on a par with a male teacher sleeping with a girl pupil? I don't. And neither, I'd wager, would most 15-year-old boys.

The issue shouldn't be taken lightly. All teachers, male and female, are in a position of trust and should not abuse it, though reading of Martin and the boy having sex in car parks, of her buying him mobile phones and tattoos with her name on "so he wouldn't forget her", of her failing marriage and terminally ill sister, Martin seems more pathetic than predatory.

Certainly, she has been severely punished for her nine-day tryst with the teenager, who, his mother says, has been mocked by peers. If anything, one would have thought they might be jealous. The internet is awash with sites dealing with "older woman teacher-pupil" fantasies. And there lies the rub – should the law be treating male and female pupil victims equally when male and female teenagers are so different? (the Guardian)

Oh, it gets worse. The writer goes on to argue that through her interviews with the youth, she learns that teenage girls want attention whilst teenage boys want sex, as if this is a mitigating factor.

While a large proportion of teenage boys may not have the sense to make the best choices, they are "up for it," none the less. This is why, in my view, a male teacher sleeping with a girl pupil amounts to statutory rape, whereas a female teacher sleeping with a 15-year-old male is a far greyer moral area.

Just because a boy at 15 is up for it doesn't mean he's asking for to be taken advantage of by an adult, FFS. And the law is quite clear in the UK: age of consent is 16. Even if the teenager in this case consented, it was done so in a highly suspect environment - buying a young man a mobile phone and tattoos should sound off alarm bells right away. Happily, many of the commentators on the Guardian site give the writer a right telling off for her appalling article.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] pervyficgirl!

Hope you had a blast :D Here's something I found that I hope you like:

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Soooo, avoiding NaNo has meant having a new fandom. And I tried so very, very hard for months and months not to get sucked in. Cross my heart, hope to die, stick in a needle in my eye. Because it makes me feel very old indeed to start freaking out alongside teenage girls demographic. I'm talking about Katekyo Hitman Reborn, of course, that fangirl bait of a series. It's got very pretty male characters (even the bad guys!) who are avidly slashed by fans, as if they're afraid it might go out of style anytime soon. Then why am I claiming defeat?

Because one character seemingly hits all my moe targets.

Ryohei Sasagawa:
- intense, one-track mind boxer
- has silly catchphrase that actually becomes endearing after a while (EXTREME!!!)
- good hearted but dumb (maybe it's undiagnosed ADD?)
- over-protective big brother
- fights bears/kangaroos/what have you
- handwraps, he wears them even when in suits

The final blow: when KHR skips 10 years and the guys are all in suits and ties. GAME OVER.

Oh, did I mention there were motorcycles involved? ASDFJLK; I'm so doomed.
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Two words: Thierry Henry.

For those who don't care for football or for next year's World Cup, please look away. Otherwise, feel free to share in the misery for Ireland's dramatic exit out of the qualification playoffs. What happened was that France's Henry clearly handled the ball in a spot that may be offside before squaring it to another teammate for a goal. Unlike those who are currently demonising the striker, I see the blame rest squarely on FIFA and the referees for not having instant play and thus missing out on the handball. In fact, Thierry claims he even told a ref that it was a handball, though he didn't mean it, and the ref replied, 'You are not the ref.' (via the Guardian). And honestly, Henry's not Maradona. Henry actually owned up to the handball, whereas Maradona bloody gloated about his action as the 'Hand of God'.

It's the worst possible outcome for both teams: Ireland, for having been cheated out of a place, and France, for having their reputation tarnished as cheaters. I wonder if FIFA will do anything to address this controversy, maybe even offer a replay?
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There is a campaign to place an initiative on next year's ballot to repeal Prop 8. To do so we'll need 1 million signatures (CA registered voters). Go to and download the petition, sign, and mail it in. And please pass on the message!
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Although I've already posted about the spoilers for Green Lantern Corps #42 here, the reality hadn't sunk in until I read CBR's recent interview with Peter Tomasi and forced myself once more to view the ending page.

Spoiler pic under the cut )
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Back from the LA Japanese Food Festival having gorged myself on food, sake, and beer. Am about to set my nose to the grindstone to get through this strange NaNoWriMo slump and wanted to dedicated to the flist this must listen beautiful 50s-Girl-Pop-with-a-hint-of-Gospel-meets-Hippie-Strings (phew!) Noisettes cover of The Killers' When We Were Young off BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge.

Have a great week ahead everyone!
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Heheheh. Found a way to make word count with novel: start writing a doujinshi of your main story and go nuts.

I'm having so much fun, I'm half serious about giving up on the actual bits of the novel. I mean, it's tough to write a crime novel when the actual murders are so goddamn difficult. Why couldn't I have just given the guy a gun? Nooo, he has to go around strangling people and then burying them in shallow ditches. Until I figure out the best way to make it less complicated method-wise (I am so rubbish at plotting), it's all about figuring out the main character. Tell you what, it's so much simpler to write incompetent characters or weird bullies than to write ruthless and efficient noir characters. Oh my god, I just realised that means I skew towards writing stuff like Touch of Frost (the novel, not the show). That explains so much 0___0
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Half-Baked Scanlations has posted the scanlated last chapter of Lucky-kun, and thoughtfully added a link to an essay titled 'Yaoi-Ronso: Discussing Depictions of Male Homosexuality in Japanese Girls' Comics, Gay Comics and Gay Pornography'. There's a lot of great stuff to mull over in that essay, but first I want to start with a quick word on Lucky-kun.

Whole lotta manga terms and rambling under the cut )
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Saw the spoilers for this week's GLC. Surprised myself for being calm instead of all RAGE-y. He'll... he'll be back, right?

Spoilers in comments
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Straight from DC's The Source:

Dodgy Denny. Unf, I love it :D

The First Wave mini-series will be a sort of noir-ish AU that starts with the Batman/Doc Savage book and will include stories featuring The Spirit, Black Canary, Batman, the Avenger, and other characters. In 2010 we'll see ongoing titles for The Spirit and Doc Savage that will be directly tied in to the events of First Wave. If you're as excited as I am with the resurrections of such famous and cult figures as Doc Savage and the Avenger, The Source has been posting Brian Azzarello notes and such drool-worthy Rags Morales art (here).

As for Azzarello's note about making Ebony a 'sassy' girl? Could work, I guess. Right now my focus is on sussing out whether we'll see a Doc Savage/The Spirit crossover take place in First Wave. Uh, for the simple selfish reason that I may have to write that slash fic.

What? You take a look at this and not think bara. Oh, just me then?
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#44 A Fantastic Four film exists that is so terrible it will never reach a screen. In 1992 the production company Constantin Film was in danger of losing the film rights to the Fantastic Four unless it started production on the movie by the end of the year. Lacking the $40 million it needed to make a full-budget film, it turned to low-budget movie supremo Roger Corman for help. He spent just $1.98 million to crank a quickie Fantastic Four movie. Constantin never intended to release the film but it never told the director or the actors this. "Oh, that was a tragic event. I feel so sorry for the people involved," Stan Lee remembered years later. "The director really tried his best, and so did the actors. They all thought that this was their big chance. But the movie was never supposed to be seen. Most people thought, "Jesus, what a terrible job that is! How corny! How cheap!" They didn't realize that it wasn't meant to be any better than that. Unfortunately, the people working on the project didn't know that, and they tried their best. Really, I feel so bad for all of them." Other low-budget Marvel misfires include the 1989 Punisher film starring Dolph Lundgren and the 1990 Captain America film - starring no one you've ever heard of. (Times Online)

Dolph Lundren? *chokes*
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Briefly scanned through the f-list whilst avoiding the nano and saw mention of a King of Fighters movie. OMG not another trainwreck inspired by a classic video game series. Seriously, if they're so hard up on ideas why don't they just make a movie based on Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball?

Pics and whine under the cut - sigh, I don't know why I bother )
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Easily caught up to the day's total by writing scenes out of order. Then came the results of the Maine election.

Shameful. Just shameful.
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Why Kiley, have you resorted to bullying Perpetua and procrastinating on your novel? But it's only Day 2!

Yeah, but in my defense: CHECK OUT MY AWESOME ASTRO BOY TOYS! )

No bunnies/rabbits were harmed in the making of this post. Darn!
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Couldn't for the life of me understand why kind-looking guy kept smiling at me when I looked up from my laptop in the cafe. That is, until I stood up and refilled my coffee and remembered:


Now I'm hiding in a booth. Don't laugh.



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