Jun. 8th, 2009

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It must be no fun living in the UK as a member of the Labour party and reading the headlines about the party's history defeat at the polls -- its worst since 1918. Here, safely ensconced more than a hop and a skip across the pond, I find it all so very intriguing.

The Telegraph's article makes the PM's speech to his party and its rebels seem worthy of a cinematic flourish -- or at least a television movie. Keeping with that theme, the Guardian's headline reads Gordon Brown's Great Escape.

The question though, is why? From what can be assessed by a quick skim through the papers, no one has the guts to force Brown out. Which seems strange, considering last year's extremely unsubtle attempt to push forward dark horse Foreign Secretary David Miliband for the position. In fact, Miliband publicly declared his support for the PM. Independent commentator Steve Richards notes that Miliband and others who have made this choice did so for fear of what an early election may bring.

One almost feels sorry for Brown, given the highly negative press that's been put out. But even if I didn't have sheer hatred for Tony Blair and thus feel sympathy for his fomer No. 2, I can't say this isn't any of Brown's fault. How else to explain the ruinous result that is the election of 2 BNP as MEPs?

That by its own doesn't mean politics in the country are heading to the right. Rather, it shows voters are leaving Labour in droves. This needs to be fixed/patched/made over if the party wishes to remain relevant, much less in power. The causes may be due to Brown's governing style, or the political calamities left over from Blair, or the lack of confidence shown by deserting MPs. Maybe it's the fact that being in power for more than a decade has exposed the complacency of those in charge. Whatever it is, it is still down to the PM to rally the troops and reassure voters that the party hasn't forgotten them or their ideals.

Will this happen? Can this happen? All I know is that I can easily see the Tories come to power.

And totally unrelated: David Blunkett attacked by cow. Is it wrong that I LOL'd so hard reading that headline?



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