Aug. 23rd, 2009

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At a write-in with [ profile] parlance right now, and have a decent amount of plot and structure worked out for the 30K novel that I intend to complete before NaNo. It's called 1000 Butterflies: a serial killer stalks the city's transient refugee population, burying his victims in shallow graves and enacting elaborate funerals. I've been looking for an interesting crime to make or break the first novel, and was surprised to be inspired by Friendly Fires's samba-tinged "Kiss of Life". The combination of dreamy lyrics and high energy beats meshes so well with the tropical and steamy setting of the novel, and has me excited to start writing once I have the rest of the pieces of the puzzle (the weapon and the forensics). Ever get a good song that just clicks with your vision?

As much as I love, love the song the video suffers from White Boy Dancing™. I'm not saying that derogatorily because in this case I am quickly finding it endearing, but I'm also cringing at the awkward gap between the Rick Astley dancing and the song's rhythm. And I'm going to have assign blame to the director for the slo-mo head-bopping scenes. AWKWARD.



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