Sep. 10th, 2009

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If you missed last night's embarrassing behaviour from a politician, google 'Joe Wilson'. There will be plenty of material for your perusal. To sum up: this is a grown man heckling the President during an important speech, who then apologises, and this morning makes the remark that the apology wasn't his idea (video).

This stinks to high heaven of disrespect. Several commentators on [ profile] ontd_political noted that this disruption is nothing new -- in fact, that's partly the fun of watching (or listening in my case) to Prime Minister's Questions. However, this happened during a State of the Union speech in the United States. You would expect some decorum from members of Congress, ffs. Would this have happened in any speech by previous Presidents? And what about the politicians who are convinced Obama is a Socialist Militant Muslim born overseas?

The Resident Republican on [ profile] ontd_political best sums up the attitude of those desperate to oppose Obama/Democrats/Liberals: after the article she posts in the community is soundly debunked by commentators, she responds

ETA: I can't answer all of you individually. I now see that this article is in fact WRONG.I really wanted to believe Obama is a liar.

If you do not agree to a person's point of view or ideas, as a responsible adult you do not respond by calling that person names. You do not spread rumours about the person's background or cast aspersions on the person's character. You do not derail any discussions by refusing to provide clear facts and evidence. And you certainly DO NOT become so close-minded you will demonise your political opponent and believe anything negative at first go. This goes for everyone, Conservative or Liberal. It's just common sense, people.



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