Oct. 23rd, 2009

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I stayed up last night so I could watch the BBC's Question Time with panelists Jack Straw (Labour), playwright Bonnie Greer, Nick Griffin (BNP), Baroness Sayeed Warsi (Conservative), Chris Huhne (LibDem). Around the same time it was morning in the UK, and many had begun the day tweeting about Nick Griffin's controversial appearance. In fact, "Nick Griffin" was second in Trending Topics. For those who are unaware of the insidious group called the British National Party - they are a fascist lot who seek a return to a 'true' Britain free of nonwhites.

This was me as I watched the entire thing.

Cut to save the flist from my angry livetweets )

One thing Griffin said that I hadn't tweeted: that David Duke came from a KKK that's non-violent. He had the nerve to say that whilst sitting beside an African-American (Bonnie Greer). The man is clearly delusional, but has his appearance on Question Time lent him an air of legitimacy? The press articles seem to suggest so, picking up on the many across the country who voiced their support.

The BBC's own Have Your Say QT forum became filled with pro-Nick Griffin comments. And most of the 400 callers who called the BBC on QT complained Griffin was being 'ambushed'. Griffin himself is to lodge a formal complaint against the corporation for how his appearance was handled and requests to be filmed outside of London -- a city he claims is 'ethnically cleansed'. If Nick Griffin does appear on QT a second time, I fear it will tip a large segment of the population who are frustrated with the three major parties into considering voting BNP. Not because of they agree with crazy things Griffin says, but because they will now view him as a legitimate option to voice their anger.



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