Feb. 16th, 2009

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Some of the recent reactions to Frank Miller’s Spirit movie made me think about this phenomenon though. As Peter David commented on Blog@Newsarama and Heidi MacDonald somewhat echoed on The Beat, “Even when Frank Miller falls, he falls from heights that most of us cannot hope to achieve, myself not excluded. If it’s too much to think that you should show at least a modicum of respect for someone who has devoted his life to this medium, then at least acknowledge that the reason you’re doing the happy dance over the failure of someone who has achieved more in his life thus far is than you likely ever will in the entirety of yours is because you’re unspeakably petty and ungrateful and ungracious.” (via Newsarama)

Wherein I pretend this has a modicum of sense under the cut )

TL;DR version: I am doing my happy dance on The Spirit movie failing whilst remembering all that Miller has done for us. Happy now, Peter David?
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Damnit, why's it so difficult to upload to LJ's Scrapbook? Because it just is, that's why.

As mentioned before, here's the first batch of the photos I took on the Valentine's Day trip to San Marino's Huntington Library:

Large pics; not dialup safe! )

PS Most of the images are on Flickr, too.



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