Jun. 16th, 2009

stinglikeabee: classic denny colt  (aw no)
Okay, so this will be my last SDCC ever (a tad dramatic, maybe) and I haven't even figured out what I'm going to wear. Or, y'know, cosplay as.

How could I possibly top last year's Hannah Dundee (Cadillacs & Dinosaurs)? Who else would I want to trade my civvies in for? I mean sure, I joked about dressing up as the Baroness with a friend who was supposed to go as Deadpool -- but she changed her mind and is going as Harley and I dyed my hair blondish-brown.

Any ideas? Keep in mind that I will have only 6 weeks to get my flabby ass in shape and have blondish-brown hair and can't sew/make a costume to save a life.




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