Jun. 25th, 2009

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Last night, whilst I was making dinner for my brothers and their friend (pasta sauce made from scratch, of course) I was momentarily blind-sided by numerous questions about what I had studied at uni. The friend, who I am fond of, kept on a steady stream of inquiries about whether my business administration degree was worth it in today's market and if not, what qualification is? Do I regret choosing business?

University is a sore subject with me. I hated my study, hated my university, and worked until my health gave out full-time to pay for a degree I can't use to get a well-paying job. Nevertheless, I answered as truthfully as I could, and tried to steer him towards well-paying paths that don't necessarily require graduation to be hired. He said he lacked any patience with science, and was attracted to business and the idea of making lots of money. I don't blame him; after working in the finance industry, I've seen minimal work being rewarded with obscene sums of money. It's attractive, and seems attainable -- until the next recession.

He even asked when I thought I would be able to be back to receiving the salary of my corporate job. HA HA HA! With the way things are, it probably will be a decade for me to climb out of mediocre hourly pay and rejoin that rat race. Looking at his eager eyes though, I lied and said I expect the end of this downturn might bring me more opportunities for a bigger pay. I don't know if he believed me.

Sigh. Life's just not looking quite up when even a highschooler pities your financial and career predicament. At least I have my salarymen porn to comfort me.
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Thanks for the kind thoughts everyone! To prove I don't brood about my problems all the time, here's something you might enjoy. Blog@Newsarama noted that comic shop Comicopia had a float in Boston's Pride Parade. I didn't see if an LCS did the same for WeHo Pride, but we did have a float with DC and Marvel characters:

Wonder Woman: check. American flag: check. Robin, specifically Tim!Robin: CHECK! Too bad the Catwoman costume was awful; it looked like a gimp mask with glued-on cat ears.

To do the picture justice, you gotta have Poker Face playing full-force. Once you have that winning combination you may have the same reaction I had as I watched the Silver Surfer, Wolverine, and Spidey gyrate precariously to Lady Gaga on the edges of the float: feeling so very damn proud to be living in the United States.

Anyway, enough with that malarkey. Guess what else I found randomly in my Windows Photo Gallery? Why it's me, age 17 16! Aargh, look at that baby fat. And beside me is Heidi MacDonald, whom I worshiped forever. If that name is familiar, it's because she's the writer for the comics blog The Beat. Here's a mystery for DC fans: who is that to the left of us ... is it Jann Jones?



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