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There is a campaign to place an initiative on next year's ballot to repeal Prop 8. To do so we'll need 1 million signatures (CA registered voters). Go to and download the petition, sign, and mail it in. And please pass on the message!
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Half-Baked Scanlations has posted the scanlated last chapter of Lucky-kun, and thoughtfully added a link to an essay titled 'Yaoi-Ronso: Discussing Depictions of Male Homosexuality in Japanese Girls' Comics, Gay Comics and Gay Pornography'. There's a lot of great stuff to mull over in that essay, but first I want to start with a quick word on Lucky-kun.

Whole lotta manga terms and rambling under the cut )
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Easily caught up to the day's total by writing scenes out of order. Then came the results of the Maine election.

Shameful. Just shameful.
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Celebrate Bisexuality Day has been observed on September 23 since 1990. The day is an opportunity for bisexual, fluid, pansexual and generally queer-identified people and their families, friends and supporters to recognize and celebrate their history, community and culture and the contributions bisexual/pansexual people have made to both the greater LGBT Community as well as to and mainstream culture.

This celebration of the bisexual, fluid and pansexual community in particular, as opposed to general LGBT events, was conceived as a response to the prejudice and marginalization of the bisexual and pansexual persons by some in both the straight and greater LGBT communities.

It features events ranging from picnics and house-parties to discussion groups and poetry-readings . There are dinner parties and dances in Toronto and a large masquerade ball in Queensland, Australia. At Texas A&M University, the week featured discussion panels and question-and-answer sessions. Princeton University celebrates this day each year by throwing a party at its LGBT Center. It has also been celebrated in Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Sweden and the United Kingdom.
(via BiNet USA)
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Thanks for the kind thoughts everyone! To prove I don't brood about my problems all the time, here's something you might enjoy. Blog@Newsarama noted that comic shop Comicopia had a float in Boston's Pride Parade. I didn't see if an LCS did the same for WeHo Pride, but we did have a float with DC and Marvel characters:

Wonder Woman: check. American flag: check. Robin, specifically Tim!Robin: CHECK! Too bad the Catwoman costume was awful; it looked like a gimp mask with glued-on cat ears.

To do the picture justice, you gotta have Poker Face playing full-force. Once you have that winning combination you may have the same reaction I had as I watched the Silver Surfer, Wolverine, and Spidey gyrate precariously to Lady Gaga on the edges of the float: feeling so very damn proud to be living in the United States.

Anyway, enough with that malarkey. Guess what else I found randomly in my Windows Photo Gallery? Why it's me, age 17 16! Aargh, look at that baby fat. And beside me is Heidi MacDonald, whom I worshiped forever. If that name is familiar, it's because she's the writer for the comics blog The Beat. Here's a mystery for DC fans: who is that to the left of us ... is it Jann Jones?
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CA Supreme Court upheld Prop 8, 6 to 1. Read the official document at the site here.

Go to Day of Decision for news of planned rallies and other activities to show your support for same-sex marriage. This is not the end, guys. Only the beginning.
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My tweets do not lie:

sweetparkalife saw Newson @ lbc pride, <3 his hair
about 11 hours ago from txt

sweetparkalife Shook hands with Newsom but couldnt help but stare @ his hair!
about 10 hours ago from txt

And [ profile] parlance, you'll LOL -- I did have to wash my hand eventually ;___;

I can't believed I fangirled San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom in public )
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C'mon California, make it right in June!

In other news, this was overheard on [ profile] ontd_political on the post Bitter old queen weighs in on gay parenting:

[ profile] schmiss: I got to "grim lesbian" and lol'd. GRIM LESBIANS. COMING TO A DETECTIVE NOIR NEAR YOU.

Hahaha! Now what did that remind me of?
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According to this morning's NPR newsblock, Long Beach Pride has chosen San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom as its parade's Political Grand Marshall *glee*

LA Peeps, anyone wanting to carpool May 17?
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Today is the start of oral arguments on California's recently passed Proposition 8 in the state's Supreme Court. Proposition 8 defined marriage as between a man and a woman, and was passed by 52% of California's voters. While he originally thought it was his duty as the state's Attorney General to defend voter wishes, Jerry Brown himself filed the legal challenge against Prop 8 to invalidate the amendment. An interesting note: the opposition and legal defender of Prop 8 is a one Ken Starr. Y'know, that obsessed guy from the Clinton-era who authored as heavy tome on Bill Clinton's sexual relations.

*shudders* Guess what, though? Brown is on Twitter, and it looks like he's been Twittering during the hearing. LOL.

This position is surely going to help Brown in his bid for governor in 2010, though not as big a boost as he might hope. His competitor, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, has been making the talk and radio show rounds speaking out on his support for overturning Prop 8. Newsom is also on Twitter, and was most recently on NPR -- check this interview, bb is fierce!

"Separate inherently is not equal," he said. "There's a reason why $45 million was spent against marriage equality. It's because people understand the word does have meaning. And equality comes when we accept the same notions and the same institutions for everyone, regardless of race and gender and regardless of sex orientation."

A million times THIS.
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Queerty's 10 Companies That Hate The Gays (via [ profile] ontd_political)

I'm still on the fence about boycotts, seeing as how they're poorly thought out most of the time but damn, seeing those names on the list just makes me want to stomp on things. Even this:

A Fortune 1000 Company, Brown-Forman distributes Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort, Finlandia Vodkas, Herradura Tequila, Sonoma-Cutrer Wines, Fetzer Wines, Korbel Champagne, Bolla Wines, Bonterra Wines, but provides no comfort to its gay and lesbian employees, refusing even basic domestic partner benefits.

*tear* Oh well, I've still got Guinness. Yeah, I know Guinness isn't vegan ... IDK, lesser of all evils?
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Via Flickr:

Send pictures of you and your friends holding signs that say, "Don't divorce us!" or "Don't divorce my moms!" or "Don't divorce my friends, Dawn and Audrey!" or "Don't divorce Californians!" to We'll put all of your pics together in one place and make sure all the right people get the message -- the lawyers behind the effort, the press, our friends and neighbors.

If only we had more of this going around before the vote. How could anyone who chose Yes on 8 look at these faces and see the love that's there, and still vote to take away the civil rights of a few?
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Facebook group Roots of Equality needs photos:

In preparation for our Valentine's Day Kiss-In Protest, take a picture of you kissing your loved one in front of your Christmas tree, Hanukkah menorah, or festivus pole and post it on the event page. The kiss can be gay/straight/whatever.

You can also send us a non-holiday photo as well. We will compile these and put them all together and make a neat project with it. Please make sure you don't mind that this picture is available to the public and in that same vein, try to keep it at least PG.

Damn my singledom!
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Protest locations here. Every state is represented.

I'm trying to decide whether to head down to LA city hall or LB city hall that day. The latter is closer and I'd be back in time for the NaNo meetup in Carson. But I live where it's still considered part of Los Angeles despite being 25 miles from downtown. I'm leaning towards LBC, since I'll be able to take the local bus straight to city hall. Yay for reliable public transportation that isn't the MTA!
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For a protest, this one brought the lulz. Lots of funny signs I wasn't able to take photos off, but [ profile] parlance might. One I remember clearly was 'So many Christians, so little lions'. Oooh.

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Overheard at last night's No on H8 protest rally in Long Beach, CA:

'Go, kids. Go.'

This was uttered by a woman who stood on her porch, tearily watching the stragglers catching up to the main group of protesters.

I had two text messages when I came home from a friend at the rally, who wondered where I was. I went home, period. My feet had burst blisters, I didn't have anything to eat but a bleeding salad all day, and I couldn't keep my eyes open. I knew I couldn't hobble away fast enough when the cops in riot gear were about to start arresting people.

The day after, I'm sore as hell. Every move is like a bomb going off. But with bandaids and a little Ibuprofen, I'm still making it out to tonight's rally in Silverlake. More (non-blurry) pictures to come, hopefully.


Join a multi-faith service at St John's Episcopal church -- St John's was one of the few religious entities that supported the No on 8 campaign, and were in return vandalised by the Yes on 8 supporters (via Facebook)
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No On Prop 8 Protest March - Downtown LA Friday 11/7 5:30pm
From Civic Center, Market & 7th Streets
March will continue to Delores Park.

No On Prop 8 Protest Rally - Long Beach, Friday 11/7 7pm
Starts at E. Redondo Avenue & Broadway, Long Beach
Continues to Junipero & Broadway by 7:30, ending at Broadway & Alimitos (Hamburger Mary's).

No On Prop 8 Protest Rally - San Diego, Friday 11/7 9pm
Balboa Park, San Diego (city map)Marching to City Hall


No On Prop 8 Protest Rally - Huntington Beach, Saturday 11/8 2pm
Huntington Beach Pier, Huntington Beach (map)

No On Prop 8 Protest March & Vigil - Laguna Beach, Saturday 11/8 5:30pm
City Hall 505 Forest Avenue, Laguna Beach (map)
Marching to Main Beach

No On Prop 8 Protest Rally - Los Angeles/Silverlake, Saturday, 11/8 6pm
Gather at Sunset Junction, corner of Sunset & Santa Monica Blvds., Silver Lake (map)


No On Prop 8 Protest Rally - Sacramento, Sunday 11/9 1-4pm
Capitol Building (west steps), Sacramento (map)
West Steps of the State Capitol. Rally. Speakers. Show up and be proud.
Bring Signs, Wear Protest Shirts. People from SF will be showing up at the West Steps to show support with us.

No On Prop 8 Protest Rally - San Jose, Sunday, November 9
2 p.m. | Billy DeFrank LGBT Community Center
938 The Alameda

I'm of two minds about the protests - I support them, but I just KNOW there will be a backlash and am not sure just whether any of it will help or hurt. Last night's protest in WeHo? I was stuck in traffic for 2 hours (sorry [ profile] parlance). I didn't even try to make it to today's Westwood protest, knowing how shitty traffic was. But the Friday and Saturday protests I am definitely going to -- it's no big secret the South Bay is incredibly conservative. The more visibility we have in the area trying to change minds, the better.
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This is bullshit.

According to the LA Times Proposition 8 won in Los Angeles County.

I feel so sick. How could this happen?

Right now the mood at the office is one of sadness, despite the wonderful results of the election. The first thing that came out of my mouth as I walked into work was to ask my co-worker, who also volunteered for the No on 8 campaign, what the latest numbers were. No words can express our shared misery then.

The co-worker, with the experience of Prop 22 back in 2000 under her belt, assured me there'll be lawsuits. Plenty of lawsuits to get this piece of turd proposition declared unconstitutional. I hope so, and I pledge to assist in every way I can to make sure same-sex marriage is legal again in California.

We may have lost the battle today, but not the war.
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I may still be a little tipsy.

I blubbered like a baby during Obama's speech, trust. Just ask [ profile] scififanatic who was kind enough to sit through my ridiculous attempt to drive to Long Beach despite being lost at least three times. We met a lot of interesting people at the bar, and may have drank two extra Mai Tais (each) we didn't pay for *cough*. And there is nothing like being in a group of like-minded people shouting 'YES WE CAN' at a broadcast of the President-elect asking us to believe in hope and in change.

But right now, in my room with four extra Yes on 8 signs at my feet which I had grabbed from the road on the way back home, I want nothing more than for Prop 8 to not pass. Please, please, please, let there be light and let there be freedom from discrimination.
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Frustrated the opposition to California's Prop 8 was losing ground, today's rally at Downtown's Pershing Square aimed to reinvigorate. More than 200 people flocked to hoist signs and chant no on 8 slogans, and listen to speakers like Councilwoman Jan Perry and Chastity Bono.

Only a few blocks away, supporters of Prop 8 were bused in to gather in front of City Hall to insist marriage be only between a man and a woman.

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