Jul. 18th, 2009

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Ivan Reis's art gets me all hot and bothered, it really does. But this?

Damnit, Kon looks like my brother. Oh sure, you say with a roll of the eyes, with that attitude every generic dude with glasses and a short haircut in comics will resemble someone you know.

YES BUT IT'S KON! I did not need that mental image when I'm fapping reading my comics.

Anyway BRB I'm going to compile a comic scans post soon. *slips on too big Black Lantern ring*
stinglikeabee: Joe Biden :D (biden :D)
... and click on this motherfucking picture (by the incomparable [livejournal.com profile] schmiss):

Also, two out of three of you think I'm a Hufflepuff. To which I say with an evil cackle and much rubbing of my gnarled treeroots for hands, THEY MUST NEVER KNOW WHAT I'M REALLY LIKE.

And the other thinks I'm Ravenclaw. Aww, thankies. Couple years back I was totally bad news and so very Slytherin (NGL I had a pretty active Grudge List on my work computer!), but it's quite awesome to be thought of as a peaceful Hufflepuff or a canny Ravenclaw. Plus, Biden in my house? Mmm yeah!

Off-topic: am getting a Brainiac tattoo. For some reason for about 15 minutes that I though I could live with it on my forehead. Obviously, sleep-deprived Kiley is not the best in making judgments. Anyone have suggestions on where I should get the tattoo? Maybe on the underside of my wrist, I think.



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