Aug. 20th, 2009

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BWAHAHAHA! I finally finished that Spirit/Question kink fic. It only took like, two weeks or summat. This calls for cake! *shuffles off to kitchen*

Oh, and I posted a request on page 16. Guess which one. No, not the Metal Men porn. Something obscure, as per usual.
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Haha, so I forgot to pimp this and post the Spirit/Question thing from last time. I'll do it properly in another post, but here's a list of some v. good fic you may be missing out on:

A not so comprehensive list under the cut )

There's plenty of unanswered prompts and great responses I haven't covered. You want Mogoporn? It's there D: Post a prompt, and don't forget to fill in a prompt or two!
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Title: A Taste
Characters/Pairings: The Question/Denny Colt (The Spirit)
Rating: R
Summary: Denny's doppelganger drops by with a bottle of whiskey.
Word count: 564
Prompt: Adorable
Disclaimer: DC owns my soul the characters
Notes: For the DC Kink Meme! Because I read the prompt and thought, 'Oh crap, I may just need to write this one' no matter how sorry I was to Will Eisner. PS how wrong is me using the icon. PPS I may, or may not, have notes for more.

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