Sep. 9th, 2009

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Read the official press release over at The Source.

In short: WB created a new company called DC Entertainment to consolidate its comics and their various alternate media projects within one place. Paul Levitz will step down from his post as President of DC Comics and remain with DC Entertainment as a writer, contributing editor, and something called an 'overall consultant'. Deadline Hollywood's Nikki Finke states this is a deal that's been simmering for 2 years and is not a reaction to the Disney-Marvel acquisition. Rather, the move was probably best realised during the whole Watchmen rights debacle.

By the way, Finke has a great column on how deep the connections was for said Disney-Marvel acquisition and it's a must read. Who knew Disney CEO Bob Iger's great-grand uncle was Jerry Iger, who created Eisner & Iger studios with Will Eisner?

ETA: Paul Levitz's letter here. It sounds like he might leave, doesn't it?

ETA2: Or not. Levitz is writing Adventure Comics with the Legion of Superheroes backup.

ETA3: Diane Nelson will be in charge of DC Entertainment. The Beat speculated on 29 Aug on her appointment, noting that Nelson had run Warner Premiere which makes the straight-to-video DCU animated films. Additionally, it seems she handled negotiations during the Harry Potter movie production process.



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