Oct. 10th, 2009

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Not included in pie chart: time spent crying because couldn't afford to attend the Kylie Minogue concert.

Also, I still feel wretched about not being able to go to friend's birthday party. Everyone got either Batman or Iron Man themed place settings, and there was cupcakes, and sweets, and the food was in the theme of your personal favourites at age 5, and then they watched Labyrinth! Best birthday party ever, and I couldn't go D:
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Per Geoff John's tweets, there are 3 members of the JSA in the Smallville episode, one of whom is Stargirl. The other two? Still a secret. Me, I'd love to see Wildcat onscreen but am pessimistic. Anyway, this is as good an excuse to post some Ted Grant. Because you can never have too much Wildcat, amirite?

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The US is going to South Africa for the 2010 World Cup:

Love, love, love this show (and the catchy theme) to bits. Not only did the episodes cover great World Cup matches, Mundial Soccer Fever also poignantly showed the interruption of WWII without ever being maudlin. They certainly don't make anime like this anymore.



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