Oct. 21st, 2009

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And that was what my day was like... Thank you for the kind birthday wishes everyone! And thank lots for the luverly virtual gifts that are sitting pretty in my profile page :D Birthdays used to be something I dreaded for years, and happily yesterday was not the case.

Also, I have $20 in store credit at my LCS! Brilliant news as I am quite broke D: Haven't the faintest of what to purchase, partly because I will be putting up all of my comics on eBay in a few weeks. I'm moving away in December, and will not be able to bring anything that won't fit into my suitcase with me. So it's gotta be good, and it's gotta be something that I can stash with me. If only my LCS sold the Wildcat action figure I've been lusting over for months! That would solve my problem.

Mini Good Hair review )

And awkward subject matter change -- Halloween and NaNo are just around the corner, folks! Can you feel it? :D



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