Jan. 10th, 2009

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There's a huge march in solidarity with Gaza in Los Angeles today. I'm sure everyone has the best of intentions in marching, and only a few would use the opportunity to be hateful of Israel. And it's a peaceful march, something I've said I wanted to go to. Yet I didn't want to go, my suspicion winning out on me.

This week was spent reading up on the conflict has allowed me to nearly abandon my former pessimism. For part of this I would thank the sainted [livejournal.com profile] ladypolitik for her insightful post on Alternative Perspectives. There do exist peace coalitions and organisations between Israelis and Palestinians. We are not hearing their voices in mainstream media because anything sensible and thus not shocking do not make for news. I had no idea for instance, that there is a Palestinian Gay Women Initiative, having been told by many commentators that in Palestine to be gay is almost a death sentence.

We would do well to remind ourselves of the disparities between truth and what is reported every time someone says the situation will never cease. That mindset is wrong: peace can be achieved, but only if both sides are willing. Education is the key to stop the acceptance of the current circle of violence, and to open the way for negotiation.
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Mum: Blah blah blah blah feeding the rabbit carrots blah--

Me: What rabbit?

Mum: There's a rabbit.

Me: I heard you; what rabbit?

Mum: Oh, the one I was feeding today.

Me: (struggling to contain anger) What. Rabbit.

Mum: There's one living in the backyard. I gave it carrots and it ate them like this. (Bunny imitation)

Me: Why is there a rabbit in our backyard?

Mum: I think someone dumped it there.

Me: What?

Mum: I think I'm going to sell it to a pet shop.

Me: What? Why would someone throw a rabbit over the fence in the first place? Wait, why do you want to sell it?

Mum: Someone probably didn't want it anymore. What can we do about it, huh?

Me: (half-joking) Eat it?

Mum: No meat. Maybe I'll buy more carrots.



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