Mar. 23rd, 2009

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This will interest absolutely no one, but I'm up to 91 icons. And thanks to [ profile] tazer_alex most of the newer ones are Guy-related. Guy-inna-bowl-cut related *doodles little hearts around his image*

So yeah, I do have a thing.
stinglikeabee: classic denny colt  (do it)

Yeah, this is beginning to be a Spring annual event. I got into yet another car accident, absolutely not my fault. This time a lady with a knee problem drove into my side, claiming her cane rolled under the gas pedal and she wasn't looking when her car swerved into my lane. Yay.

She tried to get me to not call the insurance, which I didn't. I mean, not right now. I'm about to drive to the body shop for an estimate and call the insurance there. Shit. Just shit. Here's hoping said lady doesn't try to blame me for her knee problem or whatever.

*sigh* My back hurts.



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