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PS back to bedsies for me. Bad case of allergic reaction :(
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>> in before NaNoWriMo eats our brain cell starts
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Eight minutes left in the day; hoped everyone had a good'un!

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Mmph. Yeah, I'm gonna need the entire day to sleep off the stuff I did for New Years.

I guess it's par for the course the music at the 80s shindig was a big bust. They played Blur (woo nineties!) twice. A lot of The Smiths. And Bloc Party. WTF. Bloc Party. And in between the set list was a mix of lukewarm 80s revival, mostly New Wave. Water nearly spouted out my nostrils as Flock of Seagulls played, as I had been bitching about that bloody one-hit wonder of theirs earlier in the night.

The best part was the camaraderie, whether it was in the toilet queue and giggling stupidly as the guys forgot to close the mens' door as they peed or listening to a drunk girl try to explain her 'DUDE I HAVE TWO LOVERS' dilemma without cracking up as she repeats herself. As for the club, the drinks were miniscule, and the dancefloor cramped. Still, I'd say it was worth it to see [ profile] parlance bust a move to Duran Duran. Though after Joy Division played my breakup song I was pretty eager to leave.

I'd post a picture of my lazy Madonna-inspired outfit, but I don't ya'll are ready for it. 2009 is going to be respectful, yo. Happy New Year's!
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I'm ill, I'm tired, and I am in bad need of alcohol. It's been years since I last worked retail Christmas-time and bloody hell -- I'm going to spend the weekend convalescing. Probably with rum in my hot cocoa. *is ded*
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Now that's over, shall we let's get on with the posting? Yes? Okie!

As many have already heard, yesterday was an alignment of many religious holidays. It was Good Friday, Purim, Norouz, Magha Puja, and Small Holi. I had the first of several telephone greetings beginning at 11.00 am recorded onto the answering machine. A friend of my dad's phoned to tell us a Happy Nourouz.

You know you live in a multicultural society when you hear such a greeting and have to think to remember if your family is Persian/Zoroastrian/Sufi/Shia/Baha'i or just the friendly sort that celebrates all holidays. We're the latter, by the way. I also strolled down the hill to see if my Jewish neighbour was having some cakes out for Purim, but they'd gone to the synagogue. *sigh* It ain't a proper holiday without some baked goodies.

Although there's something unsavoury about a secular person gatecrashing religious holidays ostensibly for the food, surely it's a good example of tolerance to accept that person? When I lived in SE Asia, every time one community celebrated a religious holiday they'd throw their doors open and invite the other communities to celebrate together. It's not quite the same thing here in the US, but I haven't heard any protests. Still, it does worry me that religion seems to be more and more inclusive these days and to its members only.

To offset feeling so uneasy, I fixed myself a plate of barbecue tofu Kansas City style, avocado-potato salad, and sauteed spinach. Is there anything a bbq can't solve?

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This will be the first year I won't be celebrating the day with my co-workers, but so what? St Paddy's isn't just about getting stiff drunk at a bar and saying naughty things to people from the office. I'm heading out to the City of Los Angeles celebrations tomorrow instead.

I think the last time I went to watch the parade was in 2000. It cut through the financial district; I remember because there plenty of bankers in fancy Italian suits out on the streets clutching their green beer and singing. Loads of fun! This year the parade will head down Main from the 101 and make a right on 5th street, ending at Pershing Square where a green-coloured water fountain will greet revelries.

I can't wait for corned beef sandwiches and $1 O'Douls! Hey, I know why St Patrick had his own day. And I know it's not just for the drinks and food. It's a great time to be Irish* and indulge in Irish-themed celebrations. No one does the craic like the Irish and I aim to try.

For more info on traffic and parking, click here. For some reason the flyer says there will be leprechauns. Surely someone told the city leprechauns do not exist. Right?

And the cherry on the top is the appearance of the Young Dubliners in concert! YES! If you can make it, come on down and let's party! Here's a little something to get the mood going - it's a great Pogues cover by Young Dubliners:

*Alas, I'm not an Irish girl no matter what my green t-shirt says.
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This entry is written for the benefit of those who read this LJ and are actually interested in the things I have to say (THANKS! <3) and for future-me who will inevitably forget the lessons of the past.

Lesson #1: I am a nutter. That's right future-me, you are mad. Irreparably mad.

Lesson #2: Remember Lesson #1? Keep it in mind always. It's easier that way.

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Uh huh, all right, yeah, I'm back. And I reek of coffee.
This year instead of moping about and drinking myself silly, I decided to head out to San Francisco for my birthday. Say WHAT? Listen, 3 weeks of unbelievable hell consisting of 3 publishing projects back-to-back and I couldn't wait to leave fucking LA. I picked a place where I was far, far away from work, bosses, colleagues, and family. Since I couldn't afford the East Coast, I picked NorCal.

Much has been made about the NorCal-SoCal rivalry - at least at my university. Classmates were always discussing what SoCal lacked, as if stoners could argue they were connoisseurs of MJ and the foods that go along with the munchies. Personally, I like the idea of the entire bad-temperedness between the two regions as a street fight between Dashiell Hammett fans and Raymond Chandler fans, culminating in a shaky truce when the poor Leslie Charteris fans stumble upon the melee with their shiny little halos. It's okay, no one likes the Saint anymore.
But everyone makes fun of LA as the shallow, valley-girl that's all flash and substance. People actually sneered when I said I was from LA, usually after they mistook me as a native. Even the tourists (from the South) on my tour sneered. WTF? I don't think Angelenos really say anything bad about NorCal, except to make fun of Barry Bonds or (sometimes) pass judgement on San Francisco's gay community. And okay, Hollywood stereotypes everyone in their shows and movies. But they even do it to themselves! See the film Crash (the one that won an Oscar, not the car sex one).

Anyway, I had horrible experiences the last two times I visited the city and I thought it was time to do it, and do it right. Nothing that interesting happened the short period I was there - The Pogues are playing tonight, and my flight was early afternoon. I missed the Nike run today as well. Oh, and there was the lights off San Francisco event - I swear I saw a ghost that night. On the other hand, LA seems to be on fire. Hmm. Sorely tempted to remain in the city then. Selfishly, I hoped my workplace would be consumed by fire and I wouldn't have to wake up at 4.30am in order to beat traffic. The news explained Santa Ana winds seem to be blowing embers of the Malibu fires to other trouble spots and that more wildfires have sprang up. A few on my flight were on their cellphones, ranging from upset to bemused with the devastation. One couldn't return home because the road was cordoned and the neighbourhood evacuated. Hopefully no one will be hurt and the fires will be put out shortly.

Because no one asked for it, I'm going to be posting my pics from the trip soon. According to my mother, I came home a hippie. It's the raspberry beret I bought from H&M. If anything I think I look French-ish, but my mother keeps pointing and giggling. When I wore the beret at Union Square, a bunch of students ran pass me searching for tourists to interview... Okay, I'll admit I kinda look like Patty Hearst during the SLA period. *sigh* At least I've got a Halloween costume now.

The best birthday ever? Hell, it'd be the best year I've ever had simply for this:

For serious, I have that on my work laptop. Erm, maybe I shouldn't have revealed that last thought.



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