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Although I've already posted about the spoilers for Green Lantern Corps #42 here, the reality hadn't sunk in until I read CBR's recent interview with Peter Tomasi and forced myself once more to view the ending page.

Spoiler pic under the cut )
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Saw the spoilers for this week's GLC. Surprised myself for being calm instead of all RAGE-y. He'll... he'll be back, right?

Spoilers in comments
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Much thanks to [ profile] brilliantnova for breaking the news to me. I stay a little later on a Friday night and this is what happens.

Oh geez, so according to Variety and even Wired magazine, Ryan Reynolds is Green Lantern. Sorry Marvel peeps, but I don't want to have to share! The deal's always been we get to keep Christian Bale, and you can have RDJ. But who will get custody of Reynolds? Who's going to explain to the slashers kiddies that the heroic Hal Jordan is also the mind-damaged, Bea-loving, Cable-humping Deadpool? Won't someone please think of the slashers children?

All I knows is, Wade would probably be laughing at this sudden crossover and I dunno, maybe a teensy bit disappointed JT isn't playing him.
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According to the Hollywood Reporter (via producers of the proposed Green Lantern live action film have narrowed their choice for Hal Jordan to three:

1) Ryan Reynolds

2) Bradley Cooper

3) Justin Timberlake

Such is the state of things that we can only find Deadpool, foppy failed sitcom actor, and a former boyband singer? Bloody hell, pick a RADA kid. I'm sure they wouldn't mind slumming in a superhero movie. Or better yet, an Aussie or a Kiwi. I know, picking someone other than an American to play Hal is a blasphemy but if Bradley Cooper and Justin Timberlake is the Stateside equivalent it's just not going to work.

My pick is Martin Henderson. Whuzzat? He was in The Ring and a spectacularly dumb movie called Torque. But it was in Bride and Prejudice that I saw the potential in his blandly good-looking, charming yet also charmless, and hopelessly full-of-himself portrayal of an American -- that's Hal right there. Henderson's a Kiwi btw.

He would make an awesome Hal. Who's with me?
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Via Newsrama, see who could very well be Black Lanterns under the cut:


Icon because am bad person.
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Man I need more Green Lantern icons. Here's a repost of today's earlier entry on [info]scans_daily

EDIT: Added my attempt at a GL icon from the pic. Hee.

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At last it's finished, and goes out with a bang! Three books released on one day: GL finale, GLC epilogue, and Tales of GLC Corp: Ion

From start to finish it's been an exhilarating ride, and I applaud DC Comics for pulling it off. What could have been a revisit of the awful Amazons Attack special was instead treated very well. Sinestro Corps had something for everyone. The awesome setup (Sinestro forging his own ring and own Corps ZOMG!). The villains (Hank Henshaw, bratty-turned-homicidal Emoboy Superman Prime, and of course Sinestro). And for those die-hard fans who know loads of GLC history, SCW included characters seldom seen in years (I had to look most of them up on Wikipedia, too). For those who came by the GL mythos later, it was an excellent crash-course on how expansive the GL community is. I'm squarely in the latter group, and eagerly awaited each new installment as a chance to learn more about the Green Lanterns. It got me so invested that I've started wearing the plastic GL ring I picked up from SDCC everyday. And gushing to strangers (including most of my amused co-workers) how much I love the Green Lanterns. How many comics lately can drum up such excitement?

Whoever came up with the storyline deserves a medal. It's perfect: it settles some old scores and offers potential for the established characters. For instance, SC helped established the purpose of Kyle Rayner. Kyle was my GL, as I starting reading the books when Hal Jordan became Parallax. The drama of turning Jordan into a baddie and trying to supplant him with a 90's west coast male angered many older fans but did not trouble me cos I liked them both. I liked Hal when I read about his character through the eyes of the other GLs, but didn't really care when he became Spectre or when he came back. It was only when Kyle became Ion that I stopped being reading. Ion, the living battery that powers the GLC (like the Energizer bunny?) Giving someone the powers of a god, now that isn't particularly interesting to read (hehe remember Superman Blue?). This dongle of a storyline is kinda satisfied when in Sinestro Corps, we see the Ion thingy palmed off to a new character and Kyle returning as a regular GL. YAY!

I say YAY because now we have four equal Earth GLs to love - if you don't like Kyle and love Hal, there's your pick. If you enjoyed John Stewart from the JL or the JLU, animated series, you'll be glad to see him in rotation again. And if like me, you can't get enough of Guy Gardner and gasped when it looked like he might die in the war,

Aww! How can you not love this sensitive side of Guy? You can bet your sweet green ass I will be spending my money on the GL books from now on :P

One last thing: Hey DC! You win!
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Uh huh, all right, yeah, I'm back. And I reek of coffee.
This year instead of moping about and drinking myself silly, I decided to head out to San Francisco for my birthday. Say WHAT? Listen, 3 weeks of unbelievable hell consisting of 3 publishing projects back-to-back and I couldn't wait to leave fucking LA. I picked a place where I was far, far away from work, bosses, colleagues, and family. Since I couldn't afford the East Coast, I picked NorCal.

Much has been made about the NorCal-SoCal rivalry - at least at my university. Classmates were always discussing what SoCal lacked, as if stoners could argue they were connoisseurs of MJ and the foods that go along with the munchies. Personally, I like the idea of the entire bad-temperedness between the two regions as a street fight between Dashiell Hammett fans and Raymond Chandler fans, culminating in a shaky truce when the poor Leslie Charteris fans stumble upon the melee with their shiny little halos. It's okay, no one likes the Saint anymore.
But everyone makes fun of LA as the shallow, valley-girl that's all flash and substance. People actually sneered when I said I was from LA, usually after they mistook me as a native. Even the tourists (from the South) on my tour sneered. WTF? I don't think Angelenos really say anything bad about NorCal, except to make fun of Barry Bonds or (sometimes) pass judgement on San Francisco's gay community. And okay, Hollywood stereotypes everyone in their shows and movies. But they even do it to themselves! See the film Crash (the one that won an Oscar, not the car sex one).

Anyway, I had horrible experiences the last two times I visited the city and I thought it was time to do it, and do it right. Nothing that interesting happened the short period I was there - The Pogues are playing tonight, and my flight was early afternoon. I missed the Nike run today as well. Oh, and there was the lights off San Francisco event - I swear I saw a ghost that night. On the other hand, LA seems to be on fire. Hmm. Sorely tempted to remain in the city then. Selfishly, I hoped my workplace would be consumed by fire and I wouldn't have to wake up at 4.30am in order to beat traffic. The news explained Santa Ana winds seem to be blowing embers of the Malibu fires to other trouble spots and that more wildfires have sprang up. A few on my flight were on their cellphones, ranging from upset to bemused with the devastation. One couldn't return home because the road was cordoned and the neighbourhood evacuated. Hopefully no one will be hurt and the fires will be put out shortly.

Because no one asked for it, I'm going to be posting my pics from the trip soon. According to my mother, I came home a hippie. It's the raspberry beret I bought from H&M. If anything I think I look French-ish, but my mother keeps pointing and giggling. When I wore the beret at Union Square, a bunch of students ran pass me searching for tourists to interview... Okay, I'll admit I kinda look like Patty Hearst during the SLA period. *sigh* At least I've got a Halloween costume now.

The best birthday ever? Hell, it'd be the best year I've ever had simply for this:

For serious, I have that on my work laptop. Erm, maybe I shouldn't have revealed that last thought.



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