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This entry is written for the benefit of those who read this LJ and are actually interested in the things I have to say (THANKS! <3) and for future-me who will inevitably forget the lessons of the past.

Lesson #1: I am a nutter. That's right future-me, you are mad. Irreparably mad.

Lesson #2: Remember Lesson #1? Keep it in mind always. It's easier that way.

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Uh huh, all right, yeah, I'm back. And I reek of coffee.
This year instead of moping about and drinking myself silly, I decided to head out to San Francisco for my birthday. Say WHAT? Listen, 3 weeks of unbelievable hell consisting of 3 publishing projects back-to-back and I couldn't wait to leave fucking LA. I picked a place where I was far, far away from work, bosses, colleagues, and family. Since I couldn't afford the East Coast, I picked NorCal.

Much has been made about the NorCal-SoCal rivalry - at least at my university. Classmates were always discussing what SoCal lacked, as if stoners could argue they were connoisseurs of MJ and the foods that go along with the munchies. Personally, I like the idea of the entire bad-temperedness between the two regions as a street fight between Dashiell Hammett fans and Raymond Chandler fans, culminating in a shaky truce when the poor Leslie Charteris fans stumble upon the melee with their shiny little halos. It's okay, no one likes the Saint anymore.
But everyone makes fun of LA as the shallow, valley-girl that's all flash and substance. People actually sneered when I said I was from LA, usually after they mistook me as a native. Even the tourists (from the South) on my tour sneered. WTF? I don't think Angelenos really say anything bad about NorCal, except to make fun of Barry Bonds or (sometimes) pass judgement on San Francisco's gay community. And okay, Hollywood stereotypes everyone in their shows and movies. But they even do it to themselves! See the film Crash (the one that won an Oscar, not the car sex one).

Anyway, I had horrible experiences the last two times I visited the city and I thought it was time to do it, and do it right. Nothing that interesting happened the short period I was there - The Pogues are playing tonight, and my flight was early afternoon. I missed the Nike run today as well. Oh, and there was the lights off San Francisco event - I swear I saw a ghost that night. On the other hand, LA seems to be on fire. Hmm. Sorely tempted to remain in the city then. Selfishly, I hoped my workplace would be consumed by fire and I wouldn't have to wake up at 4.30am in order to beat traffic. The news explained Santa Ana winds seem to be blowing embers of the Malibu fires to other trouble spots and that more wildfires have sprang up. A few on my flight were on their cellphones, ranging from upset to bemused with the devastation. One couldn't return home because the road was cordoned and the neighbourhood evacuated. Hopefully no one will be hurt and the fires will be put out shortly.

Because no one asked for it, I'm going to be posting my pics from the trip soon. According to my mother, I came home a hippie. It's the raspberry beret I bought from H&M. If anything I think I look French-ish, but my mother keeps pointing and giggling. When I wore the beret at Union Square, a bunch of students ran pass me searching for tourists to interview... Okay, I'll admit I kinda look like Patty Hearst during the SLA period. *sigh* At least I've got a Halloween costume now.

The best birthday ever? Hell, it'd be the best year I've ever had simply for this:

For serious, I have that on my work laptop. Erm, maybe I shouldn't have revealed that last thought.



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