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Why Kiley, have you resorted to bullying Perpetua and procrastinating on your novel? But it's only Day 2!

Yeah, but in my defense: CHECK OUT MY AWESOME ASTRO BOY TOYS! )

No bunnies/rabbits were harmed in the making of this post. Darn!
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Yesterday NPR re-ran an interview with CCH Pounder talking about her role as Detective Wyms on the FX channel's The Shield. I love Pounder's work on JLU as Amanda Waller - she's massively talented with voices, and I was impressed to learn how she tailors the inflections and speech patterns to the character.

Funny thing is, I was really surprised to learn her real accent. According to Wikipedia Pounder was born in Guyana and studied in England, before moving to the States for work. The result is a hybrid English-American accent that's similar to mine! WOW. Now I knew just how irritating and a little exotic my accent can sound sometimes, hee.

Here's one thing I do know about my accent: if I try real hard I can go for a full California girl like voice, but will fail at recreating the posh boarding school accent I once had. Eh, that's probably a good thing :P
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I have a crazy amount of things to do this weekend before SDCC trip. It all boils down to organisation and concentration, both of which I sorely lack. See, I even forgot yesterday was OSJ post day.

When did life get so hectic? Why am I so damn lazy?

Seems like everyone on the flist is going bananas over the Batman film. Is it wrong that I'm not interested? The more hype there is, even if its wholly deserving, the less likely I am to attend a screening. Maybe something Bat-related in me died. I shall be adding Bat-seance to the weekend list.

Hope to get around to making a nice roundup these weekend, especially with the great topics I've read in this week's LA Weekly. Tonight however, I'll leave with a Joanna Lumley's (animal rights campaigner and actress best well-known for Absolutely Fabulous) answer to the question 'are you a feminist?':

No, I don't think so, not in the true terms of how it's understood. I adore women and I think we've had a very raw deal for an amazingly long time and continue to have that raw deal. Women are very different to men and that hasn't been respected. So when people say there's never been a good woman painter or poet or engineer or whatever, they don't understand that our skills are many simultaneously and men's skills are single. But I don't think it's the way to advance the cause. I don't think we should put men's backs up. In many ways we are vastly superior to men, and it's stupid to rub it in. So, darling, I'm not really a feminist.

Again, the stereotype of a feminist as an angry woman who is constantly antagonising men. With what Lumley's lived through, I thought she at least would have a positive answer. UGH.
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Google says it's 94F and I can't disagree. Remember, no fans or aircon!

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I don't know why I did it, I just did, and now I'm writing this through heavy-lidded eyes because of my sheer stupidity. Whatever possessed me to carry a 14lb cooler filled with ice and sodas ten minutes down the beach by my damn self?

I've been turning up sand in nasty crevices ever since. Moral of the story: tell everyone else to bring their own bloody drinks.

Wait, what? Morgan Freeman just said Antartica used to be tropical. I thought this was the French version of March of the Penguins? Gah. Well, I suppose there are worst things than staring at penguins whilst waiting for the allergy medicine to kick in.

In a delightful discovery, someone has brought philosophy to [community profile] scans_daily . Or maybe it's the other way round? Anyway, lo and behold: Ayn Rand and objectivism snark!

I hadn't even heard of Rand until I moved to LA; I don't think she's as well-known overseas (at least in the circles I traveled). I did try to read The Fountainhead, but was put off by the boring prose. Guess I'm just not patient enough for philosophy. It does make me wish I paid more attention to the philosophy major I dated briefly at uni though, instead of staring into his deep blue eyes and wondering whether he was wearing boxers (nope!). His notes might have helped me follow the comments on SD:

Sez [personal profile] merrickm - The development of complex intellectual justifications concerning the virtue of selfishness to explain the moral necessity of doing whatever it was you already wanted to do anyway: the actual highest goal of philosophy all along?

Erm, okay. I'm going to pretend my incoherent state is to blame for the lack of comprehension. *suspiciously* It sounds like an essay question, one that will be graded on how well the pupil constructs their arguments--


*covers eyes* Why didn't anyone tell me about the Pengy Porn? It's like watching your neighbours go at it, ewww.

Right, that's it. I'm off to bed. Meanwhile, Rand will be on my todo-list, so's I can find out why some commenters paint her as neo-con and 'batshit' crazy. If anyone has any links or readings to suggest, please do so!

PS Oh, and forgot. Wish me luck in the interview tomorrow :D
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I'm returning that bloody blazer. What a waste of money.

Good thing the Women For Hire expo was worth my getting by with only 5 hours of sleep. CEO Tory Johnson gave an inspirational speech on her career: the beginnings of a competitive spirit when as a teenager she and a friend became the first girls to win Florida's state title, how she dealt with a sudden dismissal, and how she became an entrepreneur. Loads of good points during her hour plus talk, including the necessity of negotiating. She gave the example of a Good Morning America experiment where individual participants were told beforehand an amount of $12 would be paid - negotiable, of course. After the activity were performed, the participant received $5 and asked if it was okay. The women overwhelmingly took the amount, but the men balked and asked for the rest.

Why is it the women here are more likely to accept the lower amount? To avoid confrontation? Being grateful enough to be paid?

I know if I were there I would ask about the $5, but apologise first for bringing it up. Not the best approach. So now I shall be more proactive and less willing to accept the lot in life. Hopefully.

I have a bunch of work to do on my resume and to e-mail the people who've requested more info; it looks like Script Frenzy's going to be postponed longer :(
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Let's take a break from the recent heavy posts. This is just going to be a simple March roundup.

It'll be three months since I left the job, and I'm still at a loss at what to do next. I've been waiting to hear from another lawyer to see if there's another avenue to pursue, but the timing sucks. Speaking of which, work says they won't be able to hire me for the Asian office (I think I've mentioned this). Suxor.

Atmosphere with the parental units have been frosty as well. It'd mean a lot to hear something supportive from them, but I'm not going to hold my breath. Twenty four years and I'm not going to waste anymore time obsessing over it. More suxor.

Friends have moved on. Not that I blame them, because the world still rotates, no matter what happens. It'd be nice to hear from them, but I guess hanging around on the internet staring at gmail every ten seconds is not helping. *sigh*

What else? Weight is better, sleep is still bad. I haven't been so good at eating, but I'm getting off the couch and exercising more.

Good news is that the car is all right. Took it out for a spin today when I escaped to the library in order to get some work done. This was happily achieved in two hours, before I realised I had driven across town without my wallet and without any money for food. Then I came home and spent a more than entirely healthy amount on [community profile] scans_daily.

I've just remembered that some disgusting perv at the library had actually moved his seat so he could watch me bend down to pick a book from the shelf. *shudders* Blocking memory, blocking memory.

Meh. I can't seem to work up any enthusiasm for writing, like it's a chore. Been trying to figure out if it's a symptom of depression, or if I'm being a lazy cow per usual. It's true I've pretty much given up any hope of getting back to work anytime soon -- maybe this has somehow dampen in my interest to write? Or maybe I just gotta set a schedule again and do it.

It's four days before the start of Script Frenzy and I'm really going to regret it if I'm not prepared. Not only because this will be in script form, but because I don't want to stumble at the starting gate. I can see it right now, me writing at 3am, headphones loud with Kylie's new album, trying to figure out why I've forgotten about the murder weapon in a freaking murder mystery yet again, downing my sorrows with Illy coffee. Come to think of it, throw in some whiskey smuggled in a hip flask, I might actually think it fun.

Alright. Enough of this moping. I'll get back to my chocolate-coffee cake and Law and Order. And then go write some moar. Maybe I'll throw in some dinosaurs in the script, too. Jurassic Park meets The Big Sleep meets Law and Order. Awesome :D
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Ah... yesterday was an unproductive day. Woke up extremely late, spent probably hours staring at rugby players, and eating twice-baked brownies. Finally around 12am I started work on the unnamed ficlet, but had to abandon it in favour of a Law and Order: Criminal Intent episode. Curse my laziness!

Right now I'm waiting for the vegan mac and cheese to cool for me lunch and giggling to the Lawrence Sweeney Mix (off Radio 4). I shall post two installments of the ficlet later tonight (cross fingers). Still bereft of ideas for the JSA challenge, and will probably find something after buying tomorrow's issue. Meanwhile, pretend this could really be me:

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Sunday's the day of rest, you know :P

In fact, it was so lazy I didn't make it down the hill to pick up the newspaper. But who could blame me when outside the wind was howling like a wounded animal. Soon as I woke up past noon and heard the sounds of rain puddles sloshing up against the curbside I thought, yep there's no way I'm heading out today.

Instead I caught up on the news online and read LJ posts. [profile] jen_in_japan posted a Power Girl fic as part of a contest over at the new [community profile] jsa_allstars comm. I love (LOVE!) Peeg in spite of her oversexualised costume and think she's an amazing, strong character. In case you're not sure of what I mean regarding the cossie, I'm talking boob window. At last year's SDCC someone actually dressed up as Power Girl, but with inflatable boobs. Take a look at Alex Ross's take on her (via her wikipedia page) to see why inflatable was the way to go.
So why the window? A lovely gesture was made in a JSA Classified story where Peeg says it was meant to be covered by a logo similar to Superman's 'S', but she couldn't figure out what... (memo to self: find this page and scan). Ever sceptical I thought, riiiiight, like anyone will buy that explanation. At the same time, if you see how she's visualised, girl's got some serious power. She's as defined as Venus and Serena Williams, which fits because all that punching baddies and picking up tanks is sure to pump up the muscles. You can't expect a superhero to be Twiggy can you? (I'm looking at you Supertorso!) After reading the recent Peeg trade paperback I can't imagine Peeg without the boob window, because I think it's the sort of thing thats unabashedly female. She's not doing it for the men, she's doing it because she wants to. Ya know?

[community profile] jsa_allstars is having its first challenge on the theme 'family'. I thought about giving it a go because JSA=awesomeness. One of my favourite quotes is from a former member of JSA, Starman, who says JLA is so mainstream. I tend to agree: the Justice League are a team of superheroes who save the world. The JSA, on the other hand, are a family of often unrelated superheroes who uphold certain traditions and legacies. It may seem a little like semantics to non-comic fans, but trust me it's what makes all the difference in the world. Working on the challenge will be a great excuse to dig through the comics I've already packed away for some research. Hopefully this week I'll come up with a good fanfic to post, which will also be my first foray into fanfiction. As I've repeatedly stated to Sal, crazy X Files fics with cross-dressing Krychek and Love Boat-singing aliens do not count.

To round off the weekend post here's the lovely Tegan and Sara. I have a mighty crush on the both of them right now, and spent entirely too much time on Youtube listening to their videos. Voila:



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