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Mondays are when hopeless singles advertise their lonely social status at the supermarket. Except, you know, I went for a laugh. Not because I needed to do some shopping lest I spend the rest of the week playing Russian roulette with the unlabeled stuff in the freezer, or because I have no one to buy me dinner or anything like that...

Anyways, in between selecting the munchies that'll keep my broke ass satiated during Wondercon, I found a box of Batman Battle Rolls. Or as they're normally known, tie-dye fruit roll-ups.

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Last year, I decided to finally get off my lazy arse and work myself into shape. Who knew exercise could be dangerous to one's health? Especially since my reward after a hard day's slog at the gym was a cheeky smoke in the garden.

It's now 9 months since my last cigarette and three days since I realised I still had to try and get fit. I may have lost a bit of weight, but the fat jiggling when I wave cancels that all out. What's a girl to do, eh?

Then I thought, why, if Batman can do it, so can I!*

*Completely forgetting said Batman is fictional. No more coffee at 3am for me.

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Based on a comment over at [community profile] scans_daily

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Brrrr... It is so flippin' cold. I nipped out to have a look at the lunar eclipse an hour ago but had to rubbish the idea on account of the neighbourhood's trees being whipped by the wind. Meh, I'll have to watch it on the news.

Right now I'm juggling watching Law & Order Criminal Intent, packing for the trip, cleaning up the room, watching a DVD of the Justice League, paying my bills online, and thinking up something to eat before bed. Argh argh argh, I know, anyone sane would have packed days ago :( I like doing stupid stuff, apparently.

Wondercon! XD By the way, is sponsoring a benefit for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund on Saturday night (details here). I'd love to go but there's the special premiere of The New Frontier that ends with a panel with those involved. Now I'm a sucker for Darwyn Cooke, specially if he's talking cos the man's funny and speaks the truth. I'll probably be there starstruck till midnight. Anyway, the benefit is 8 to 11pm. Hope I can make the couple of blocks that night. Otherwise, my contribution will be to the website as per usual! Oh - Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny will be at the 'con. Heh, if only I still had the X files crack fics to read to them.

Another piece of good news: the other party in the accident accepted liability! YES! According to the estimation, the damages to my car are worth $4,000 but it will all be taken care of by insurance. I wish there were an emoticon for the crazy silly dance I'm doing right now. Ahem. I was hoping to have it started before I left, but next Tuesday's the date. Gar will be fixed and happy within 2 weeks. YAY.

Remember my gyro post? Vegan Dad posted his recipe and it looks scrummdiddlyicious! I can't wait to try out his Tzatziki sauce on potatoes, mmmm...

Oh, I wish I could end this rambling post with something good. I mean, I won't be back until next Monday and probably will not post till Tuesday. Gotta end it coherently, right?

Nope. Happy belated birthday Batman!
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Tonight's Simpsons was *nods* fantastic! Let's go down the list of what constitutes a fantastic episode, shall we:

- Poking fun at repetitive comic book covers (Death of Superman, Death of Aquaman, Death of Casper the Friendly Ghost)
- Jack Black as a hipster comic book store owner (with a girlfriend named Strawberry who has a lunchpail as a purse)
- Korean-language cover of Tom Jones' 'What's New Pussycat' (my favourite track as an impressionable little girl)
- Dan Clowes wanting to work on the Batman comics and showing off his ideas for the utility belt
- Alan Moore calming down by reading Little Lulu and singing the theme song
- A buff Art Spiegelman wearing a Maus mask, saying 'MAUS IS IN THE HOUSE!'
- 'League of Extraordinary Freelancers'
- Baby Watchmen DVD!

EDIT: [profile] beardedwolf has pics from this episode on scans_daily XD

Hee. A perfect set-up for this comics post I think. Ready? Let's start things off with:

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This milestone was actually reached not over the weekend, but a little before Tuesday at 00:30. Didn't actually get to bed until an hour later, but it was so worth it. The best part was the growing realisation that I needed to ditch the extremely limiting and frustrating third person POV and use instead the police sergeant character to continue the novel. I was against this for the first week simply because he wasn't my MC, but he turned out to be a formidable foil. Things were much more interesting with him around, and I began to cram in more words into the novel. So, that part is resolved and I can get along with the action.

For a crime story/police procedural, this action has been woefully missing. The story is shaping up to be more about the investigation and office politics than the murder! But I think I subconsciously went down this path with my first chapter, which illustrated the problems of a small suburban police force that has to rely on outside support.
Also, no love interest! I know its not mandatory, but a funny sprint session over at the chat room wrimowars reminded I needed some gratuitous man on man action in there. Ah, that's definitely something I was going to expand on an upcoming storyline but I managed to insert something dirty this time around.

Can't rest too long on my laurels, though, as I am going to be extremely busy on Thursday (isn't everyone?). I'm cooking the dinner again this year: turkey, stuffing, smashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie - I'm doing the whole lot! Somewhere between that and Black Friday morning, I'm hoping to get in enough words. The goal is now not only to have 50K, but to get to this amount on 25 November 2007. Ohhh yeah. It's going to be hellish.

Speaking of which, I really should get back to work. But f'me if I can't keep staring at this video. Lego Batman. I can't wait. Hee.

EDIT (15:42): Erm, was just recently told by my 2nd-in-command boss that Thursday is NOT Turkey Day. Have somehow traveled a week ahead in time. Must... have... sleep...
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Another lame week that started with a horrible meeting with the boss, a receipt in the mail where nearly 50% of my bonus went to taxes, my pictures from Nextfest became corrupted, and I find sleep is yet another vain dream. WHYYYYY?!

Good thing I could comfort myself with comics and telly.

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Damn, and it was going so well. Unfortunately I've been ill with a painful sinus headache and sore throat. It'd be ideal if I could spirit away to visit a doctor, but this week was filled with back-to-back work commitments that could not wait. There are such dark circles under my eyes from being unable to have a restful sleep. A friend gave me very good suggestions for meditation which haven't worked yet - I can't seem to meditate into a deep rest. Any sudden noises (like the whoosh of a car as it passes by the house) is enough to startle me awake. But nevermind, it's the weekend! And I have a very ambitious schedule for Saturday and Sunday that includes Wired Magazine's Nextfest. Tomorrow I'm hoping to write up my impressions on yet another Clive Owen film (wait, don't leave!) and on Sunday a little piece about a new dish I'm trying out.

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