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True story, I was asked several times at SDCC-Saturday whether I was wearing a costume. What was I wearing? A yellow jacket, a green and white 50s sunddress, and pink argyle knee-socks with Chucks. Erm, no. That's how I usually dress.

There's plenty more of SDCC-related junk I'm wanting to post (including lovely, lovely artwork) but I'd very much like to record the memories I'll most treasure.

What I remember most vividly... )
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I was locked out of this panel in the morning, and was a little envious when I heard that the cast appeared. It was actually Tom Welling's first time at Comic-Con. *shakes fist* Damn queues.

What do we know about the upcoming season?
2) John Corben (Metallo) will appear
3) Clark's costume has an 'S'
4) More Clark/Lois (yay!)
5) Geoff Johns will be writing a JSA episode


There were 2 separate JSA teams at sdcc that I was able to take pictures of, and neither of those teams had a Wildcat. Alan Scott/Green Arrow and Jay Garrick/the Flash, yes. Ted Grant, no. Is it that difficult to make a Wildcat costume? Shit, maybe I should go as Wildcat II next year.
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Ladies and gentlemen, I heard the sirens' call yesterday. It went a little like this:

Me: I am intrigued, though I must strongly object to the implication that I somehow prefer these young college-aged men who are members of fraternal societies. Kind sir, please show me this picture of which you speak.

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Bear with me for a moment, my mind's full of tequila.

*blinks* DCU news under the cut )
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I'm tired, Antonio Villaraigosa is following me on Twitter, thus I'm trying to get drunk. But first:

You, yes you, must watch the very special episode of Batman: the Brave and the Bold titled "Mayhem of the Music Meister". Why? The Music Meister is voiced by Neil Patrick Harris, and the episode is a MUSICAL.


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On the bright side, Boss texted from his conference across town: Have fun! Don't buy too many comics!

He knows me entirely too well.
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Holy shit people are already queuing for Hall H. Bastards.

I'm stuck at work, and have no idea when I'll be able to start driving down. My fault because I still haven't paid my bills and need to drive to the drugstore (again) to pick up more supplies. And partially my supervisor's fault because he's making us both going DURRRR at our respective stations, unable to concentrate. There's a shitload to be done and I just might not be able to finish them by 6pm.

Word on Twitter is that iGoogle is providing free wifi at the convention center. I enthusiastically welcome our Google overlords and if weren't so pathetically broke would be out to buy an Android phone now. Oh crap, I need to up my phone balance before I leave. And pick up alcohol. I know I'm forgetting something, but what?
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There's something seriously wrong with me.

I haven't packed, haven't paid my bills, and right now I'm panting like a dog thanks to this heat, futzing around with MediaMonkey to create a playlist for Comic-Con. For the love of Mike.

It's only a feeling, but it's quite likely that anything I post tomorrow (jammed between trips to the drugstore and the bar) will be born out of sheer panic. Ffff where did I put my voice recorder?

Anyways, save yourself from the insanity and enjoy the summer with this chooooon from back in the day:

Young'uns out there who have NO clue what this is, I feel for you, I really do.
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Darn, what to choose Thursday Night: Green Lantern animated film premiere, [ profile] kijikun's Steve/Tony meetup, or a 4 hour dance party where a Nerd King and Queen will be chosen?

Nerd Prom tickets are available at the Meltdown Comics store.
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If you think the previous two days were tough, wait till you see Saturday.

I always feel like somebody's watching me )

Saturday and Sunday at the Comic-Con site, folks. PHEW. What a jam-packed four days! The only thing I'm brooding on is the lack of Ghostbusters. Nope, that's for next year. Click here to enter the sweepstakes and win a free trip to SDCC 2010.
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LJ friends across the pond, you will be most envious when you read who will be at this year's Comic-Con. My picks under the cut:

I do many things. I span the genres - they call me the genre spanner. )

More at the SDCC site. Saturday and Sunday schedules are up as well, stay tuned for my picks!
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Thanks to [ profile] kijikun for the headsup! My picks for the day under the cut.

Good God these are too difficult to pick over the other )

There's loads more at the link. Why this year's comic-con already so awesome?!
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You love Darwyn Cooke. You love noir, especially Richard Stark's Parker series. And you can draw a stone cold motherfucking killer like no other. Well, here's the contest for you:

Win a signed copy of The Hunter by Darwyn Cooke by sending in a drawing of Parker to

Me, I'll just have to settle for buying the SDCC exclusive (signed and numbered, man!)
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Was ill and miserable the entire weekend. Felt like the scum off the pondscum, if you get my drift (yeah, I don't either shhhh). But work came round with only four people in the office, and we managed to pull it off. YES! Sure, tomorrow will prove whether I've fucked it all up or not but I'm trying to hang on to this feeling of euphoria. Whoo, this calls for orange drink!

This was a hoot to read: Radar magazine's latest issue features America's 50 Worst Colleges. Oh how I was hoping my alma mater would show up. They did not. Dude, even UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, and UC Davis were singled out under the column 'Curriculum of Dunces'. Laaaaame. UC Santa Cruz, to no one's surprise, was #1 in the category of 'Most Stoned'. Guess what? USC was named 'Most Superficial'. *smug look*

On a more serious note, Bully's recent post about sexual harassment at SDCC is unnerving. How many con-goers were even aware this sort of behaviour was present, and worse, that there is no strict guideline regarding harassment? It still feels unreal that this could have happened - I was the target of some leering, but thankfully never felt unsafe during the entire time. A bit weirded out by the awkward flirting by some comic fans, yes. But who are these men who think it proper to act so disgustingly towards a fellow fan? Then again, at last year's SDCC I did hear a lot of homophobic remarks at the exhibit hall by groups of con-goers. I dunno, maybe it's just no longer as safe and innocent as we expect it to be?
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Under the cut: The Spirit, pervy Flash, Aquamans, The Barbies (including an adorable Catwoman and Batman), and Catgman.

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Decided against Flickr in the end, as I never visit the site anymore.

Under the cut, we have: Batman, All Star Figurines, JSA, New Frontier, Misc groupings

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Next post: The Spirit, cosplayers, the Barbie DC figures, and more misc DC heroes
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Another drive-by post, so check it:

- The Brave & The Bold animation series is expected to include upcoming appearances by the JSA (yay!) and a definite episode where Jaime, our widdle Blue Beetle, has a huge crush on the Huntress

- DCU Online has big plans -- although not able to choose certain characters such as Batman, players will be able to play alongside them on missions and shared storylines or as a villain... there was also word of alternate earths in future expansion packs!

- The Spirit clips were disappointing -- cartoonish violence inspired by Looney Tunes, a distorted idea of what is sexy, and the Spirit being so alpha-manly, all the women go stupid around him. I almost found it hard to believe 'What Will would have thought?' was the question the crew and producer asked themselves constantly. Visually though, it looks slick and pretty. That's a plus, right?

ETA: [ profile] seriousfic brilliantly sums up the WTF-ness with a Miller macro here.

- Keith Giffen hinted at the previous day's DC Nation panel a return to writing Legion of Superheroes. Asked further in his panel, Giffen said he was waiting for Paul Levitz. Please say YES!

- Also, did you know Ambush Bug merch includes feminine products? Try Douche Bug the next time you're having a feminine itch! (kidding, but that seriously came up)

- The Goon panel had a drunk Eric Powell, born-again Christian ministers, holy water, Godzilla's 30ft green penis, and ended with smoke nearly choking the entire room... IT. WAS. AWESOME.

- Seconding the theme of awesome, GO WATCH TROPIC THUNDER IN AUGUST. It is the funniest, abso-bloody-lutely the funniest thing I have seen in my life. The fake trailers at the beginning of the film are worth the admission fee. Plus, you will see a certain Scientologist in a new light. Oh, and [ profile] parlance; I don't want to spoil it, but someone from one of your fandoms is there in an cameo that's relevant to the story XD

No pics today folks, as I spent my time getting me a Watchman bag and DC loot (a Flash ring, finally!). Will post pics of my costume tomorrow, don't miss on that yo.
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*deep breath* Starting Wed, I'll be posting nothing but SDCC stuff. See, I kinda have to because I'll be helping to cover several panels during the weekend. So not only am I doing this because I'm a sick bastard, but also because I gave my word. And if a man woman doesn't have his her word, what good is he she?

Pfft, I wouldn't know. But the point is, you may want to avoid the spammy posts I'll put up this week if you're not at all interested in the San Diego Comic Con (seriously?).

Also folks on the f-list, I'm going to get a SHEDLOAD of schlock from the con. Let me know if there's anything anyone is particularly craving to get -- sorry, the Tiny Titans tattoos are all mine -- and I'll try to filch 'em for you.

That's it, and stay free!



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